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2021-2022 University of Trento Postgraduate Scholarship Application for international students who wish in pursuing postgraduate learning and certification in any recognized Italian University. This scholarship is specially for high achieving non Italian students. This is another wonderful opportunity that is going to make your dream come through.

When you talk about one of the amazing Universities that has enough facilities that supports foreign students, Mostly upcoming postgraduates. You must count University of Trento as one of them. The most amazing part of this scholarship is that 16 awards will be rendered to students and these awards are disbursed among eligible subjects.

On this page we are going to highlight all the eligible subjects, to enable all applicants to be sure of the availability of their own coursework in University of Trento. So all you have to do is to continue reading the all the information written below.

University of Trento Postgraduate Scholarship

When it come to 2021-2022 University of Trento Postgraduate Scholarship Application. All postgraduates are expected to proceed by applying for subject in order to get enrolled officially into the University so that they will be considered eligible for this free study program.

Before you proceed on your application as an applicant, it is highly necessary all applicants should be English proficient before commencing this award. Like we mentioned above, this scholarship is for foreign students only.

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When we said this scholarship for international students only, it actually means that all Italian students are ineligible. And the major reason is to enable all international students to grab this free study and to continue their dream study in Italy free of charge. In other to succeed in this scholarship application. It is under must you must meet up with the University scholarship requirements.

Applicants must succumb to all the demands so that they will become or belong to the eligibility group. Applicant should also ensure that the subject they are enrolling for is same area of study undertaken in their previous level of study.

So read the information written below to know the qualified level of study of university of Trento. This will enable you to know all the necessary steps and details of this scholarship application process and requirements.

Trento Qualified Level of Study

The scholarship is meant for only postgraduates and they are the eligible applicant. So that is to say, If you are not an aspirant of a postgraduate program and also not interested in the subject recognized by the university, you are ineligible. Interestingly, eligible courses are shown below.

Now we are done with the Trento qualified level of study, let’s look into the eligible course of study, which is written below.

Eligible Course of Study

Read the below information to see the subjects that is in recognition. Meanwhile, You must be a student of any of these faculties before you can do University of Trento postgraduate scholarship application. Without much ado, here are qualified subjects that are accessible by beneficiaries;

  1. Management and Society
  2. Sociology and Social Research
  3. Sustainability
  4. Economics and Management
  5. Economics.

So if you are into any of these subjects, all you need to do is to proceed with University of Trento postgraduate scholarship application regardless of anything.

Now we are through with eligible course of study of University of Trento postgraduate scholarship. Then let’s move over to the qualification Criteria, which shown below.

Qualification Criteria

However, Your qualification is a passkey that will make it easy for you to access this scholarship. For you to be eligible, these are requirements that you must meet up with in order to be considered after application;

  1. If you must know, postgraduate aspirants are qualified students.
  2. This scholarship is only for Non-Italian students.
  3. More to that, it is highly desiring of you to know how to speak, write, understand, and read English language.
  4. On the other hand, only subjects mentioned above can be enrolled for.
  5. You must still have your previous academic transcripts intact so that you will be qualified for a postgraduate program.
  6. Interestingly, your tuition fee and living expenses will be covered with the funds but hope you are ready to feedback with satisfactory results? Due to that, only academic potential students are qualified.

Now you have viewed qualifications that determines eligible students. It is now time to start and complete University of Trento postgraduate scholarship application.

So let’s move over to how to apply for University of Trento Postgraduate scholarship application, so all you have to do is to read all the necessary information written below in order to learn how to make your application.

University of Trento Postgraduate Scholarship Application

Follow the information shown below to see the basic process to apply for University of Trento scholarship. Do not panic because the application procedure is very easy and simple.

Kindly Feel free to apply for this program after you have gotten an unconditional enrollment letter from University of Trento. It must be an enrollment into any of the subjects in recognition by this scholarship.

To make your application or to apply, kindly Visit https://webapps.unitn.it/Apply/en/Web/Home/dott to fill the application form provided online. Then Attach your full and current CV, proof of English proficiency test, statement of purpose that must be written in English, transcript of previous academic transcripts, plus your reference letters.

Submit the form by mail to;

  • Doctoral School of Social Sciences,
  • University of Trento, via Verdi 26,
  • I-38122 Trento,
  • Italy.

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