2021 PhD Scholarship at University College Cork | Study in Ireland


Apply PhD Scholarship at University College Cork to advance your coursework. Our aspirants must have undertaken undergraduate training in computer studies or mathematics because these are eligible courses accessed under this scholarship. Get ready to obtain exclusive training.

University College Cork is an academic institution well-known in Ireland for their exclusive training and nurturing of students. This program is actually a way of inviting international students officially into the university to also have a taste of what studying in Ireland and at University College Cork looks like. So, we have been giving you the best and this opportunity is just the best for postgraduates so far.

You will be funded annually and also given a tuition fee until your 4 years program is elapsed. More so, students from a non-English speaking country will provide their proficiency test to prove their skills in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing the language. Meanwhile, only students in department of Computer Studies, Mathematics, or related can apply for PhD scholarship at University College Cork.

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In other words, foreign students that are getting themselves prepared for this opportunity must ensure that they haven’t obtained postgraduate degree certificate since lifetime. If you must know, there are documents that must be submitted in application form before submission. They will all be in Pdf Format but before the disclosure, here are requirements from applicants.

Eligibility Criteria Of PhD Scholarship at University College Cork

These factors claims that you are eligible for the program once you meet up with all of them. Application of this PhD position award is very simple because it doesn’t take much time like others. You can compose the application within one week and submit at your convenience.

However, the deadline of last year’s application is February 2021 but this year’s deadline isn’t disclosed yet. Then, before that, it might interest you to check your eligibility before application commences. That is what we are here to help you accomplish our dear applicants.

Am I Qualified?

Finally! We have come to the point where it will be easy enough for you to go through things that guarantees eligibility of an applicant

  • At first, you must be an upcoming postgraduate student. This implies that you mustn’t have obtained any PhD certificate or related since lifetime.
  • Also, applicants must have passed through undergraduate and Masters level of study before commencing the PhD level.
  • Courses that are guaranteed to be accessible by students are Computer studies and Mathematics.
  • Anything other than the mentioned or the related is ineligible.
  • Application is take accordingly.
  • Hope you know that beneficiaries will take their studies in Ireland? That is where the program will take place. In that case, you must be a student that has interest in studying abroad, Ireland precisely.
  • Can you speak English? Your fluency in English must be strong enough before you become eligible.
  • At this point in time, quickly go through all the documents that must be attached to the application of this PhD scholarship at University College Cork before an applicant is considered as a pre-beneficiary.

Application Requirements

Ensure that these materials are intact during application so that you will attach them as PdF to the email that will be shown hereafter.

  • Copy of your MSc
  • Transcript of all university level modules and courses
  • Applicant’s full Cv ( Resume ).
  • Statement of maximum 300 words stating your interest in the area of study you are going for.
  • One page description of your final year undergraduate project.
  • Same one page description of your Masters final year project.
  • English proficiency test.
  • So for you to enjoy the annual funding of €18,500 and personal tuition fee waiver €5,500 for 4 years of studies, these are documents set as mandatory pieces to attach to every application form before it becomes complete.

PhD Scholarship at University College Cork

The application didn’t take the regular online form. It is an application that will take place in your email platform. Go to an accessible email. It must be an email that you have access to. Let the title be “PhD SMARTeBuses Application”. This is what you must write in the subject line ( third column ).

Then, submit all the documents mentioned above in a pdf format only. Send the email to a.arbelaez@cs.ucc.ie after compiling the documents on the body of the email. Now, your email is ready.

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