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App Store Free Games – Download Free Games – Free Games At App Store – For we all know that the Apple app store is one of the best app stores on the planet that features games. the apple app store is a little bit better than the Android app store when it comes to games. This is due to the fact that most release both games, apps, and others are first released for the iOS platform before they are added to the Android platform. And that is why the iOS app store is a little better than the play store in terms of first available. that is why this post is coming your way today on free games on the app store. This post will teach you all you need to know about free games and apps, how to download them and so much more today.

App Store Free Games

The iOS store features quite a lot of games both paid and free. Unlike the Android play store which has most of the games free, most games or apps on the store are paid. However, they are also a few free games that are interesting and fun to play. What I mean by few is that they are not as much as the apps or games that are paid, but they are still many and quite a lot of them are free for you to download on the app store. There are different kinds of the game free for you to download and play from the store.

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Categories of App Store Free Games

The free games that are available on the app store are incredibly much in numbers and they are also available for you to play right now. But they do vary in their categories, and that is why we are going to be talking about the categories of these games on the app store for you to play. Not everybody loves shooting games or driving games some love arcade games, spotting games, puzzle games, fighting games, even running games, and others. These are all available free on the iOS app store for your downloading and playing pleasure. And as I have said before iOS platform features more games readily available than the Android platform. Which makes it a good thing for those looking to free games at the app store.

List ofย free games available at app store

Here, we going to be listing out some of the free games that are available at the app store for you to download. To give you just a glimpse of what you will encounter when you launch the store to search for free games. Therefore below is a list of free games for you to look at and consider downloading.

  1. Plant vs zombie 2
  2. Pac-Man 256
  3. Dots
  4. Simpsons tapped out
  5. Scorel hero
  6. Candy crush soda saga
  7. Asphalt 8 airborne
  8. Fallout shelter
  9. Crossy roads
  10. Temple run 2

Above is a list of some of the most downloaded free games that are available for you to play after downloading them from the app store. These are going by the amount of downloads they have. so you can download one of them or more and join the queue of free games players.

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How to download the free games

To download a free game from the app store is as easy as ABCD. All what you need is your phone and internet connection and you are done. Now follow the process below once you have those things in hand.

  1. Launch the app store
  2. Tap on the section where you see games, or type and search for the particular game on the search bar.
  3. Now tap on the game you want to download
  4. Tap on Get and input your touch ID, if asked and then tap on Install.
  5. That is the whole process of downloading free games at the App store. As I have told you before it is very easy to do and now you have seen it.


iOS is one of the best platforms when it comes to the aspect of gaming. And that is the simple fact that makes most users not to miss out on gaming on ios. Also why they would want to download free games from the app store. So if you are an iOS user and do not have a clue as to free games on the app store, then this post is for you. This post has taught you all the basic things you need to have a free game downloaded to your device.


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