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Download and Play Mario kart for Android APK

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Download and Play Mario kart for Android Download Free. A long time ago, the majority of video game development companies have been migrating to mobile platforms with the sole purpose of remaining in time, because the increase in users on mobile devices is increasingly frequent.

Download and Play Mario kart on the Android

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Some are cheaper than a video game console and can also run a lot of fun games, for that reason companies such as Konami, Capcom, Bandai, Banco among others have worked on adapting games already developed for consoles to mobile devices, such as It could be the case of the live example of PES and FIFA.

In this case we would be talking about the company for larger family games that exist, it is Nintendo a company that since its inception dedicated to develop games for the little ones of the house and for collective enjoyment, this time it surprises us with the Fabulous Mario Kart Tour an adaptation of the acclaimed Mario Kart of its iconic consoles.


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It is very simple. When exercising the game for the first time we will be asked for a Nintendo account, at that time we will be sent to our default browser and the Nintendo page will open, there we can create or log in to our account.

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Once accessed the account returns us to the game giving us access and we will activate a tutorial in which they show us the simple controls of the game, that is, how to move in races, how to skid, drop the traps, use the nitro, among others.

Download and Play Mario kart on the Android Devices Download the APK Free

When the tutorial is finished, they will give us a gift to a new character and ask us to download the missing part of the game, at this point we can choose between practicing while downloading or downloading only.

When this download is finished, we can count on the Mario Kart Tour online mode completely, where we must complete challenges and races against others to get the first place in the qualification table.


Operating system: Android 4.0 or higher
Processor: 1.4GHz or higher
Memory: 1GB RAM or higher (2GB recommended for a better experience)
Stable internet connection


This game was recently released to world servers officially, it is now possible to download it directly from the play store by clicking here. The initial download is 90MB, after the tutorial another internal download will be made in the game of at least 280MB.


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