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Download Pixamotion APK for Android. Today the photo editor for android and the video editor for android become necessary applications for most of some users addicted to photography and videos, many of them promise to make really complicated works.

Agree effect to the pics in Android with Pixamotion APK Download for Free
Few are those who really comply with everything they promise in their descriptions and even more so those that are well valued in the store with positive ratings, in this case we bring a completely true and very efficient application with respect to everything it offers.

Pixar motion is an application that allows you to edit images and export them with quite interesting movements such as the animation of the environments or environments that surround the protagonist of the photograph, for example the movement of waves on the beach, the movement of the leaves of a tree, the wind that hits the clothes, among others.

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Although Pixamotion’s main idea is to function as an image animation application for mobile devices, it has tools that make it a great program for image editing, perhaps not as complete as Adobe PhotoShop or PicsArt.

It has some quite interesting filters, very basic photo retouching tools, all these tools complement the process of animation of the photographs.


Pixamotion offers very simple tools to use, it is practically dragging your finger through the area where you want the movement and towards the direction in which you want to give the effect of movement, it is simpler than it seems.

Agree effect to the pics in Android with Pixamotion APK Download for Free
This application makes jobs that could take 3 or 4 four hours in a complex program on a computer only take minutes, always taking into account the difficulty of the work to be done on certain images.

This APP has masks that restrict the movement of the images in order to decide between the parts of the images that we want to move and those that we want to leave static as in the beginning, in addition to having some automatic effects that really give pleasure to use in the Photos.


Operating System: Android 4.4 or higher
Processor: 1.5GHz or higher
Memory: 1GB or higher.
Internet connection (to take pictures of pixabay stock)


The application can be obtained for free from the official Android store by clicking here. It is important to know that the download and registration of the app only corresponds to a free version and that you will not have all the tools available, but for a small amount you can pay the premium version and make use of all the available tools.


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