Ensurance Insurance and Their Disadvantages Guide

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Ensurance Insurance and Their Disadvantages – The ensurance Insurance company is an insurance firm that deals in selling, auto, home, motorcycle, renters insurance directly to customers through the usage of the social media platforms, websites as well as telephones. This insurance firm is an America insurance firm founded in 1999 by Jean Benard, Jeffery L.Goodman, David Gaffirin, and Charlse wallace and later sold to Allstate in 2011 thus; is now a wholly company of Allstate.

Ensurance Insurance and Their Disadvantages

It is worthy to note that the ensurance insurance is to first insurance companies to sell policies through the internet; thus, popularly called an online service provider. Ensurance is known for a few of her amazing services as well as strategies and they are:

  • Ensurance has over 3,000 customer care attendants and these peoples offers qualitative services to their customers ensuring that they are now satisfied.
  • Ensurance does not use agents unlike that of the State farmthat have over 80,000 agents, in the Ensurance insurance, they work more with the net as well as their customer service provider.
  • Ensurance insurance company has been said to have the cheaper rates as regards the payments done when asked or agreed upon.
  • Ensurance Insurance companies does not really raise price in rates like that of all state insurance company.
    Accessing the Ensurance Insurance Company in terms of being insured under them is very easy and accessible due to the fact that the registration is mostly done online and not manually unlike some insurance firms.

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Disadvantages of Ensurance Insurance

Despite the new invention and records by being the first to create an online insurance company, however there are different deficiencies found in this Insurance company and they are:

  • Most times after payments of the agreement has been made, the ensurance insurance company will ask for a repayment or a top up and this was observed to start to happen the moment allstate started coordinating this firm from 2011.
  • Most times due to the lack of network, most customers finds 9it hard processing their different transactions due the network most time are slow and not that fast as needed.
  • Most customers have also complained that most times, reaching up with some of their customer care are quite hard due to the fact that most of the time the customer cases service is always busy.
  • Most times due to lack of agents, this has caused a lot of losses and people denying or discouraging other from investing into it.

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