Facebook Application Permission Change 2020 (Android) – How to Change Facebook Application Permission

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Facebook Application Permission Change: When a person logs into your app via Facebook login you can access a subset of that person’s data stored on Facebook. Permission is how you ask someone if you can access that data. A person’s privacy settings combined with what you ask for will determine what you can access.

How Do I Change Permission on Facebook? | Facebook Application Permission Change 2020


  1. In Facebook, click the small arrow near your name in the upper-right hand corner and choose privacy setting
  2. Scroll down to apps and websites and click on edit settings off to the right
  3. If you want to adjust is in the recently used list, click on it to edit settings, if not click on the edit setting button to see all apps
  4. Find the app you want to adjust permissions for in the list that loads, and click edit
  5. Look over all the areas that the app can access on your Facebook, on some app you will be able to revoke certain permissions
  6. Scroll to app activity privacy, then select the people who can see activity from the app you’re currently working within the pop-up list, and if you don’t intend sharing your app activity with anyone on Facebook, you will need to perform one more step.
  7. Choose custom from the list, and in the new window select only me from the drop-down option

Change App Permission on ANDROID Phone

If you are on an ANDROID smartphone, go to settings – apps. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, tap the three dots then you tap app permissions. From this step, you should be able to easily switch individual permissions off (or On) for each category

You can also allow some apps to use various features on your phone, such as your camera or contact list, an app would send a notification to ask for permission to use futures on your phone, which you can allow or deny.

How Do I Change App Permission?

Change permission for an app

  1. On your phone, open the setting app
  2. Tap apps and notifications
  3. Tap the app you want to change, if you can’t find it, first stop see all app it app info
  4. Tap permission
  5. To change a permission setting, tap it then choose allow or deny.

For location, camera and microphone you may be able to choose.

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