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Create my Avatar on Facebook – Facebook have just launched a new avatar on their platform and individuals can use the avatar creator to create their own unique avatars that they can use on their Facebook platform at the moment this new Facebook avatar can only be created on the Facebook application and the Facebook messenger platform.

Since Facebook announced their release of the new avatar and steps on how individuals can create it, the new avatar has gained massive recognition by users and more and more users are creating their unique characters. Facebook keeps releasing new content so that it’s users can keep enjoying new and different things on their platform.

Facebook Avatar Creator App Review

Facebook’s new avatar creator allows individuals to be able to create new emojis in their likeness which they can use to post comments, post as their display picture, and send to their friends. Facebook’s new avatars can be created on both the regular Facebook application and the Facebook messenger platform. This is the reason why individuals use Facebook avatar creator app.

Individuals on Facebook may decide to create an avatar so that they can use it to text with their friends, this avatar can be created in the exact likeness of the users, even if you feel like you don’t know how you look you can use ur front-facing camera to take an image of yourself which Facebook would create an avatar with our likeness.

Facebook avatar creator was created for individuals to be able to share these feelings on Facebook better, this avatar can be made to be in different positions and they also can have clothes changes and to top it all they also come as stickers which have different writings on them.

Facebook avatars are different from all the popular avatars out there, Facebook has made its avatars to be more flexible than that of iOS emoji. Although there’s still a lot of work to be done on the Facebook avatar it is clear that Facebook has started on the right path Towards making theirs the best avatars.

How to Access Facebook Avatar Creator App

Using the Facebook avatar creator app on the different platforms assigned for creating them are actually simple they can be created on both the Facebook application and on the Facebook messenger platform. There are the steps on how to use the Facebook avatar creator on Facebook application.

  • Open the Facebook application
  • Click at the menu at the corner of the screen to bring down the navigation panel.
  • Scroll down and tap on the See More option and you should spot a new menu option saying Avatars.
  • Click on this and Facebook will take you through the process of creating your new Avatar

How to Use Your Facebook Avatar On Comments & Messenger

This are the steps to use the Facebook avatar creator on Facebook messenger application

  • Open the Facebook messenger application
  • Click on the messenger sticker chooser
  • Tap on it and you’ll be taken to a new creation page
  • where you can build your own Facebook Avatar.

These are the easy steps to create your Facebook avatar using the newly launched Facebook Avatar Creator app, and start using it on the Facebook platform.


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