Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020 – Create a Facebook Avatar for Free | Facebook Avatar Creator App

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Create a Facebook Avatar for Free 2020: If you have been making use of Facebook for quite some time now, there is definitely no doubt that you haven’t heard of Facebook Avatar. A lot of people on Facebook are already making use of the feature, so you cannot miss it. In case you are still new to Facebook avatar Maker is a free feature made available on Facebook in 2020, it functions more like an emoji, but the one you create using some available Facebook tools. Facebook designed the Avatar feature to make sure for users to create their own personal chat emojis, instead of making use of the old ones on your Facebook chatbox.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020 – Create a Facebook Avatar for Free | Facebook Avatar Creator App

With Facebook avatar on your Facebook account, a lot of things would change in your account. The avatar feature is now widely being used on Facebook, and lots of people are showing off their Avatars when chatting and doing other stuff on their account. So, if with all this you decide to make use of the Free Facebook Avatar maker app, then you need to keep on reading this content because I would be giving you details about how to make use of the app and more.

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Making Use of Facebook Avatar

If you have gone through the previous paragraph very well, you should have at least noted some few uses of the Facebook avatar app. well even with all that, you would still need to know how useful the app can be. so, below are the uses of Facebook avatar:

      • Facebook avatar works more like an Emoji, so you use it for chatting
      • You can make use of it as your profile picture if you want.
      • Use it when commenting on Posts since it carries more information compared to emojis.
      • You also get the option to make use of Facebook avatar as a sticker in other social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, mail and Instagram.
      • You even get to post pictures of your Avatar since Facebook allows users to have access to a different kind of clothing.

There are definitely more uses of Facebook Avatar, but you can only discover them when you finally create your own Facebook Avatar.

How to Create Facebook Avatar 2020

Creating a Facebook Avatar is not so complicated. Facebook created a much easier step to make your own Facebook Avatar, and it can be done through the following method stated below:

1. First, you would need to access the app, so open your Facebook account, then tap the three dots menu in your Facebook page,

2. Scroll down the menu and click “see more”,

3. Select “Avatars”,

4. Tap the Next icon, then “Get Started”,

5. When you begin you would be required to make some decisions in other to fully create your Avatar. They include selecting:

      • Skin tone,
      • Hairstyle and colour,
      • Face shape, complexion and Face lines,
      • Eye shape and colour,
      • Brow shape and colour (you can choose to add glasses if you want),
      • Nose,
      • Mouth,
      • Lip colour,
      • Facial hair,
      • Body shape,
      • Outfit and more.

6. Once you are done with customizing your Avatar, tap the checkmark icon in the upper right corner.

7. Tap Next and then Done.

And with that, you have successfully created your Facebook avatar. Once that is done, you can make use of it to start chatting, commenting and more.


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