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Facebook Customer Care – Facebook Help Center

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Facebook Help Center: Facebook Customer Care is Facebook’s customer support service which helps them reach out to their users. There are over 1.5 billion Facebook users and it is totally impossible for a great business to move without a customer support unit. This customer care unit helps them build a one on one relationship with their customers.

However, Facebook is all about connectivity. Although, Facebook comes with a lot of features to help users enjoy the use of their platform. This is the reason users have issues with different things as regards Facebook. Every day people visit the Facebook Help Center, one of the options below brought them there;

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  1. Security
  2. Sign Up issues
  3. Ads issues
  4. Questions about Facebook
  5. Messaging issues
  6. Notification issues
  7. Issues regarding other Facebook features

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Facebook delights in helping users solve their problems at all times. Unlike other institutions and organizations which have a limited time frame in which you can gain access to their customer care service, Facebook is different. You can contact the Facebook Customer Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Isn’t it amazing that even holidays do not affect Facebook Customer Support? It sure is.

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Facebook Customer Care Guide

For Desktop: To contact the FB help center when using the Facebook desktop site, kindly get to the top right of your page where you have the question mark (Quick Help) in the circle. Hover your mouse around it and then click on it. After that, just click “Help Center.

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For Facebook App: Simply sign in your account using the mobile app. Click on the menu bar with three lines located at the right side of your page. Tap on Help & Support and click “Help Center”

Better still to save your time, use your web browser and follow this link facebook.com/help. Contact your Facebook Customer Care today and have all your FB related issues solved and questions answered.


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