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Facebook Dark Mode Theme | Dark Mode FB Enable

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Facebook Dark Mode Theme – This feature is a new look for the social network that replaces is usually a bright, white interface with black and shades of gray for both desktop and mobile. It’s a small change, but a relevant one for many users.

It’s a refreshing option to the standard color scheme, but that’s not the only reason users prefer the dark mode. Some people find white text on a dark background much easier to read, and although the jury is out on whether cutting down on blue light actually helps you sleep better at night.

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The dark mode helps you sustain your phone’s battery too. This particularly true for devices with AMOLED screen, where pure black pixels are really switched off. Swapping Facebook’s bright, white interface to something darker could therefore help your devices last longer between charges.

Facebook Dark Mode Theme For Desktop

Facebook has been working on a new design for its desktop site for some months now, with an optional dark mode, and although the launch isn’t complete yet, it’s already launched to users worldwide.

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When you get the update, you should see a prompt at the top of the screen asking you if you want to switch to dark mode. The moment you accept, you’ll be able to switch to dark mode from the settings menu.

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All you need do is to make sure you have the latest version of Chrome. If you’re not sure, pen the main menu select “Help” and then ‘About Google Chrome,’ and the browser will find and install any available updates automatically.

Dark Mode For iOS And Android

Facebook is also testing a new design for Android, which also offers a dark mode option. Again, this feature is currently available to a group of testers chosen seemingly at random. But, the company has only made the dark mode available in Facebook Lite.

It still seems to be very much a work in progress, and some users who’ve managed to catch a sneak peek at it have reported that it seems to be unfinished, switching between dark and light modes seemingly at random.

There’s no sign yet for the dark mode for iOS, but it is already launched in Facebook Messenger. To activate it, simply tap your profile picture, then tap the Dark Mode switch.

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