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FACEBOOK DESKTOP REVIEW – FACEBOOK DESKTOP – FACEBOOK DESKTOP MODE: Facebook is the number one social Media platform today, likewise the desktop version is packed with lots of features equal to being on the number one spot of the entire social Media platform currently. Here you will see how to use desktop for both computers and mobile device. if it suits you try out the desktop for mobile devices today and enjoy having the desktop mode on a mobile device.

Facebook the number one Social Media platform uses desktop mode while on computer. But switches to the mobile version when been used in a smartphone. Hence on today’s post, we are going to be talking about the Facebook desktop. How to use the desktop version on mobile. And also reasons why Facebook switches to desktop on mobile among other stuff on today’s post. Therefore if you want to know more about the desktop mode make sure you read to this post.

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Definition Of Facebook Desktop

The desktop mode is the complete Facebook version mode, Which is also the main Facebook version on web browsers on computers. It is the way the Facebook platform opens when accessed on web browsers. Which is quite different from the way it opens on mobile browsers. The desktop view or mode contains a lot of details that do not appear on that of mobile.

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Complete Description of the Facebook desktop

The desktop version or the Facebook computer version is very much different from the mobile version. I will quickly try to describe it for you. When you visit the Facebook page on the computer, the search bar is at the top left. while at the top right you see your name together with your profile picture and other features like notifications, messages, etc.

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At the right side, you will see your pages, people nearby and your online friends. By the left of your online friends. You will find your story and your Facebook page below that if you have one. By the left side, you will see your shortcuts, features like groups, pages, etc. Now finally in the middle of the desktop view, you will find where you can create your Facebook post, and news feeds of your Facebook friends activities.

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Under this heading, we will look at how to access the desktop version. On both computers and on mobile devices. accessing it on both devices is easy to do.

  • Access the desktop mode on computer: As I said before to access desktop mode on the computer is very easy. All you need to do is visit www.facebook.com on your computer and you are there.
  • Access Facebook desktop on mobile: To access it on mobile is also easy, and it supports all browsers. all you have to do is only one step and you’re done. what you do is to open the Facebook desktop link on your mobile browser. this is the link http://www.facebook.com/home.php. And you are done.

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Features of the desktop version

There are so many features of the desktop version. that are not present on the mobile version unless you use the Facebook app. Some of them are listed below.

  • To see who is nearby feature, in which you find your Facebook friends that are near your location so that you can meet up with them.
  • It is bigger and it contains more details of your Facebook account showing.
  • Notifications can be easily seen.
  • Easily have access to your explore features and your shortcut.
  • Facebook messenger for desktop is also present to chat with your friends also.

These are some of the features of the desktop mode. use more features, I suggest that you start using it today.

For more information or inquires on FACEBOOK DESKTOP REVIEW use the comment box below and also share this post on your social media platform.


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