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Facebook Event Page – Facebook Event – Facebook Live Events Streaming – Facebook has made connectivity more and more interesting with the initiation of Facebook Event. Now you can hold events on Facebook and get millions of persons participating from all around the world. You can hold live events like: Concerts, Seminars, Parties and a lot more.

However, Facebook also helps users schedule events and send out invites to those they want to attend the events. Invitees get remained about the events as soon as the event gets really close. Millions of users are embracing this and it is getting more people on the platform since you must be on Facebook before you can get invited for an event. Hosting events have even been made easier since you don’t need to pay TV stations to stream your events and you don’t need to print IV’s.
Facebook Live Events are measurable because you get to see those who joined the event including their response.

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Facebook Event – Facebook Event Page

Meanwhile, Facebook Event Page is a page on that helps users properly advertise events ahead of time. This page helps users create a calendar for their events. You can share your events on your page just like you share anything on Facebook. Here is how to create your own event page on Facebook:

  1. Kindly Log in your Facebook account
  2. Get on your own page and click “More”
  3. Click “Create an Event”
  4. Upload an event photo, add description, date, time, location
  5. Click “Create”

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You can edit your page and events at any time you need to make some amendments. Immediately you publish an event on your page, it goes public.

Facebook Live Events Streaming

To hold a live event, you have to use Facebook Live. Before you can attend a live event on Facebook, you will receive an invite from the host asking you to attend the event.

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