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Facebook For Business – Facebook For Business Beginner’s Guide

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Facebook For Business – Facebook For Business Beginner’s Guide – Facebook is the most appreciated online platform for business. Have you asked why? This is because, FB has more users and more features on their platform than any other platform. Don’t get this twisted, it isn’t an exaggeration. Facebook For Business is an idea that has been implemented by a lot of companies, brands, organizations, etc. Every business just like a seed needs the right environment to flourish and Facebook is one of such environments.

In case you are a FB user and you are wondering how to use the platform for business, the answer isn’t far from you. All Facebook features aren’t for fancy. They all have a purpose which they fulfill.

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Facebook For Business, Beginner’s features below;

  1. Facebook Marketplace.
  2. Facebook Watch.
  3. Facebook Stories.
  4. Facebook Business Page.
  5. Facebook Groups.

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This may just be the first time you are hearing about some of them but not to worry I will give you a hint on how you can expand your business using Facebook.

Facebook For Business, Beginner’s Guide

  • First, the Facebook Business Page is a page which you can create to help your audience or customers have direct interaction with you. The page tells them everything about what you do and the services you offer. It is like a customer support page for your business where you keep your clients updated about your recent offers. This can grow your business network beyond your imagination.
  • Facebook Groups are communities where people share same goals. This community gives you access to thousands and millions of people. Sharing your business here can do you a lot of good.
  • Facebook Marketplace in an online market which gives you the opportunity to sell anything to people around you who need them.

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  • For film maker, comedian, speakers, etc. who want more attention and gigs, you can upload your videos on your timeline. Through your timeline, your video can go viral and be recommended for people streaming from FB Watch. You can also go Live on Facebook using Facebook Live. It is great for people doing things related to journalism and also, you can have an online seminar or conference for people around the world (business centered)
  • Facebook Stories are short clips which last for just 24hours. It gives you the opportunity to upload media, links, etc. for people to see.
  • Funny enough, all you need do to gain access to everything discussed above is to become a Facebook user.
  • Sign Up with Facebook (www.facebook.com) to access Facebook For Business: Beginner’s.

Hope this article is helpful? Kindly use the comment box below for more inquires and contribution.


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