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Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me – FB Marketplace Online Buy and Sell

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Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me: Facebook marketplace is an online platform where people buy and sell products and services right from their Facebook account. So this article is designed to help you locate the Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me where you can do your buy and sell.

Facebook marketplace is created by Facebook, just to simplify the process of buying and selling. One advantage Facebook marketplace has over other online marketplace platform is that is free to use.

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Also, the platform is open for everyone to use, provided you have a Facebook account. One thing that made me like the Facebook marketplace is that you get to show your products and services to the millions of Facebook users, all for free.

Also, the Facebook marketplace feature was designed in such a way whereby it is very easy for you to identify a seller and a buyer close to your location or community.

There is a wide range of available products on the Facebook marketplace. Be it car, house wears, gadgets, you name it. You will find them all in the marketplace.

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If you want to get started with the Facebook marketplace, then this guide is designed just for you.

How to Find Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me

Facebook Marketplace can be used on desktop, android, and on iOS devices. And another important thing to know is that there is no need to download a separate app for the Facebook marketplace, this feature was developed directly on the Facebook page.

There is a Facebook Marketplace Icon in the form of a storefront. This icon is found in different areas of your page for Desktop, Android, and IOS.

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To utilize the Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me, simply check out where they are found below;

  • Desktop – on a Desktop or Personal Computer, Facebook Marketplace can be seen on the menu bar located at the left-hand side of your page
  • Android – On Android mobile devices, Facebook Marketplace is located at the top of your page just in the midst of other icons like the notification icon, friend request icon, and messenger icon.
  • IOS – on iOS Devices, the Facebook Marketplace can be sighted at the bottom of your Facebook Page

Business owners who intend to sell or market on the Facebook Marketplace platform, it is necessary and of top-most importance to take a very good photo shot of the items you want to sell include a detailed description of them.

On the Platform, items to be sold are categories into different categories just like in the mini-mart or supermarket and if you are a buyer, all you need do is search for the item you want to buy from its category or on the general search box.

Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell Nearby Me

Once the item is sighted, then the marketer or owner of the product you selected would be unveiled.

All you need to do now is send the seller a message and bargain or negotiate to conclude the price of the item.

Note that Facebook is not involved in the negotiating part nor are they involved in any payment, as soon as you find what you want to buy, everything done after is between the seller and the buyer.

That’s all on Facebook Free Marketplace Near Me.

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