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Facebook Marketplace App – Facebook Advertising Service

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Facebook Marketplace App – Facebook Advertising Service – Hello, you are welcome to this tutorial, in this page am going to offer you guys all the necessary information you need to know about Facebook Marketplace App. so all you are required to do is to read the below information step by step.

Before i proceed i will like to define this subject matter for you. However, Facebook Marketplace App is said to be an e-commerce solution developed by Facebook for their users. This App helps you buy and sell things on Facebook. Although, users have been able to market their products on groups and sell things there. This has been okay with people but there are limits to this in terms of catchment. Anytime you see a marketplace icon on your FB platform that is the Facebook Marketplace.

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Meanwhile, In the Facebook Marketplace, you can buy and sell things to people around your catchment. This is to say, that using the Marketplace App; you can set your product reach to a particular limit for safer transactions. You can set it in a way that only people in your Neighborhood, Town, City, State or Neighboring Towns, Cities, States can do business (buying and selling transactions) with you.

Simple Guide On How to Buy and Sell Using Facebook Marketplace App

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The Facebook Marketplace is a gallery of products being marketed to Facebook Users. To buy, all you need do is:

  1. Kindly open the FB Marketplace App
  2. Search for what you want based on the categories given to you by the Marketplace (The products are categorized to help users find them easily)
  3. Once you find what you want, the seller would be identified
  4. Send a message to him or her for a bargain

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Simply follow these steps below to learn how to sell in the Marketplace app:

  1. Kindly have a beautiful photo shot of the item you want to sell
  2. Input the name of the item
  3. Describe the item in detail and input the price at which it is to be sold
  4. Pick the category your item falls under in the Facebook Marketplace
  5. Add your location to enable buyers in your catchment find you
  6. Finally โ€œPostโ€

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: It is free so make use of it today for buying and selling. It is important you know this isnโ€™t an app. It is a feature available to all Facebook Users.


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