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Facebook Marketplace Not Working – Facebook Marketplace Not Working 2020

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Facebook Marketplace Not Working – Facebook Marketplace Not Working 2020 – Good day everyone and welcome to this post today on Facebook marketplace not working. If you are experiencing this issue or you have experienced this issue before in the past, here is a post that will bring you a solution whenever you experience it again. There is no guarantee that you will not ever experience this issue again, so if you have not yet had this experience, it is also important that you go through this post to prepare for when you do. This post contains solutions for when your Facebook marketplace is not working.

Facebook Marketplace not Working

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Why Is My Facebook Marketplace Not Working – Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up

There are lots of reasons why your Facebook marketplace might not be working. and these reasons can be completely related to you and not related to you at the same time. In the past, Facebook had glitch issues whereby users were unable to access the Facebook marketplace, not by any fault of theirs. And also the unhealthy banning of Facebook account all related to using the Facebook marketplace.

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There are many reasons that can make you unable to access the Facebook marketplace. However, we are not going to dwell on them but we are going to be talking about their solutions. So if your fall will victim among the people that can’t access the Facebook marketplace then continue reading down as we are just getting started.

Facebook Marketplace Not Working

So now if you are among those that are experiencing this problem then below are some solution for you to try and I guarantee you after giving them a try you will be able to access it again. So here they come.


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First of all Facebook marketplace might not be available in your location or is temporarily unavailable in your location. However, there is a way to know this for sure all you need to do is visiting this Facebook marketplace link and if it leads you to the marketplace then that problem is solved. If not then the Facebook marketplace is not available in your location.
Another solution is that you should be 18 years or older and your account should not be new. Facebook is saying that to protect the marketplace for scams they don’t let new members have access to the marketplace. And also check if you are 18 years and above with that you can access the marketplace.
You must use the marketplace in one of the languages accepted by Facebook. However, follow this link to change your Language to one that is accepted. Or else you will not be able to access it.
If you have been accessing the marketplace before and your access was revoked it may be due to the Facebook community standard being violated. All you have to do is contact their support team and wait for them to review your account. So you can continue using the marketplace.
Try visiting the marketplace from the menu. By tapping on the menu and then tapping on the Facebook marketplace icon.
Finally, if you still aren’t able to access it, and you know the marketplace is available in your location then the last thing to do is uninstall the Facebook app. Go to your app store download a new one and then login into your account. And you can access it. As the problem might be to you using an outdated Facebook application.
These are simple solutions to the Facebook marketplace problem. And I guarantee you it will work for you if you are experiencing any of such problems. However, let’s move on to other kinds of problems

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Facebook Marketplace Not Working On IPad

If you are experiencing this issue on iPad it must still be related to problems that are indicated above with their solutions. But just skip ahead to the last one. But first, try visiting the Facebook marketplace link directly on your iPad. Now if it says it’s not available for your location then you know you can’t use it. However, if he does then be happy that is available for your location. What you have to do now is update your Facebook application and you’re good to go.

Facebook Marketplace Not Getting Views

This problem usually occurs when you have more than one item listed that is similar. What you do in this case is to either differentiate between the items clearly in the description of each or you delete both items and only list one at a time to solve this issue. This problem can be very annoying but try out this my solution and it will work. If it doesn’t work then it might be due to a glitch in their systems.

Facebook Marketplace Vehicles Not Working

This is just a temporary problem, however, most people have reported this kind of problem in the past with iPad devices. This might also be a glitch so you can wait till it passes. But you can also decide to use your iPhone or Android device if you have one to access the vehicles.



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