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Facebook Messenger On Desktop – FB Messenger Online – Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger On Desktop – FB Messenger Online – Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger is one of the most important and widely used features on the Facebook platform. Messaging has been a major focus since the creating of FB. Advancement in the world of tech has made FB improve in so many ways.

Looking back, Facebook started as a desktop site but now, you have it as a mobile application. The FB Messenger was only accessible on the site but Facebook has separated it from even their main app. This is when you then here of the Facebook Messenger App.

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Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger On Desktop

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Note, FB is a free platform available for everyone to access. Since itโ€™s an online service, it is required you have access to the internet (internet connection). Facebook Messenger has a couple of amazing features which are connected together. These includes; text chatting, video and voice calling, sharing of links, media, ideas and attachments, use of emojis, GIFs, feelings, etc.

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Now, donโ€™t forget that FB is still doing more to improve on their services. To access FB Messenger on Desktop, you are required to first sign in on desktop. If you are used to the FB app, this is for you. Sign in FB using www.facebook.com on desktop. At the right top of your page, you will see the messenger icon amongst your friend request and notification icon. Once you click on the FB Messenger icon, it shows a list on your friends you chat with. With a click on any of them, your chat window opens up.


This is supposedly the easiest means through which one can access FB. All it takes is for you to visit your App Store and install Facebook Messenger.


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