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Facebook News Updates – Facebook News – Facebook News Today – Recently, in the USA and all around the world there is a serious fight against fake news. Facebook is working to create a News feature which will contribute to the disseminating of legit information rather than people dispensing information that is not true. On the web today, there are many people posting and uploading a lot of things and if one isnโ€™t careful, you can end up digesting things that are fake thinking they are true information.

In order to ensure that we live in a world where we can be safe and get the right information, Facebook is now working to include a feature to their platform for individuals to be exposed to the right news from reliable sources. To do this, Facebook is working with different credible sources which are very reliable and have been known for their excellence when it comes to disseminating the right info to the public.


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Today in (Facebook News Feature)

Today In is a Facebook News feature created by Facebook to help users from all around the world stay updated with news from credible source (local sources). Aside from just giving people quality info about recent happenings, this feature will keep you updated with changes implemented by the government, by officials, and lawmakers.


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Facebook News Today | Facebook News Updates

However, you can get the right information from keeping in touch with Facebook Pages operated by News station. Making use of the Facebook search bar you can find the FB pages of your local news stations. Highly recognized news channels like BBC and CNN have their own Facebook Pages. You can contact them via their page and most importantly, you get reliable information as you follow their page and remain in constant contact with them. Donโ€™t rely on any info you get, first confirm from reliable platforms so you donโ€™t promote fake news.

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