Facebook Poke | What Poke Means | How Do I Poke Someone On Facebook

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Facebook Poke – Need to see who poked you on FB or you simply need to sort out some way to poke them back? This article gives clarity of how you can poke and view who poked you on Facebook.

In any event, when there is no obvious meaning of the name FB poke when somebody pokes you on FB, it very well may be his own particular manner of saying Hey, I’ve seen you, or Hello. It’s a method of carrying the consideration of someone to your part.

The FB poking highlight is very much functioning even today. You can poke anybody anytime. On the off chance that you need to see where Facebook is concealing every one of your jabs including the poke individuals who poked you in addition to the proposed poke, this article will be a good guide to you.

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Poke Somebody on Facebook

Facebook clients are given the choice to jab their companions or companions of their companions on Facebook. At the point when a client jabs somebody, the client who was jabbed will get a jab warning.

To poke someone on FB, do this:
  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Select the friends or friend you want to poke
  3. Go to their Facebook profile
  4. Snap on their cover photograph
  5. Select Poke

How to View Your Pokes on Facebook?

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Go to your news feed
  • You would get notifications of friends who poked you.

To poke someone on Facebook simply means you are seeking the person’s attention, this can also be a means of friendly greeting and other basic functions. You can also poke someone who is not your Facebook friend and once the person respond back then, you can now view his or her profile even when they are not your friend.


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