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Facebook video Ads – How to Setup Facebook video ads – What are Facebook video Ads

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Facebook video Ads – How to Setup Facebook video ads – What are Facebook video Ads – While ruining Facebook ads is an intelligent thing to do, however, there are thousands of Facebook ads being run every day and 99% of them are image ads. Now the question is how do one stand out from doing the same thing everybody does while running ads. One of the answers is running Facebook video ads. That’s why on this post today I will show you what Facebook video ads are, the importance, dimensions of Facebook video ads, how to create and run Facebook video ads and more on this post today.

What Is Facebook video ads All About – Setup Facebook video ads

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They are like normal ads but in this case, they are in short high-quality video formats to engage the audience. There is a study that says that audience that views a video ad are 1.8 times likely to buy or purchase than those that views picture ads. And the fact that video posts on the Facebook platform receive more organic traffic than photos and other kinds of Post. That is another reason why these are more effective than image ads.

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Video ads can be displayed anywhere for your audience to see. They can be displayed on your their newsfeed or at the right side corner of your Facebook page. or you can also switch to Instagram to display your ads, and we all know that Instagram is based on video and so I know video ads will hit the mother-load on Instagram.

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Importance Of Facebook video ads

Sharing of the video is becoming very rampant on the platform especially since Facebook has decided to autoplay videos on the platform. And since 2015 small and medium businesses have been engaging on sharing of videos and ads to increase profits. It is therefore important for anyone looking to run ads on Facebook to consider using the video type. However, some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  1. Gives you a more accurate targeting system.
  2. It is also not as expensive as it is more cost-effective.
  3. It also allows for re-targeting of people that have already viewed your video in the past.
  4. Get more audience and more target because it’s video.
  5. These are not all the importance or benefits of running this kind of ad. But no amount of talking here will make you experience the
  6. benefits without you carrying out or running a video add-on your own. Will be talking about that in a bit.


Facebook Video ad dimension

Below are the specifications your video ads should be as given by Facebook itself.

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  1. The ratio of video: 9:16 or 19:6
  2. Resolution: should be the highest possible resolution that meets the maximum file size and the ratio limits.
  3. Maximum video size: 4gb
  4. Minimum video length: 1sec
  5. Maximum video length: 240mins
  6. Captions on video: optional but it’s recommended.
  7. Video sounds: this is optional but recommended.
  8. Text character: 125
  9. Video with thumbnail images that consist of more than 20% character experience reduced delivery.
  10. Vertical videos taller than ratio 2:3, will be reduced to ratio 2:3
  11. Videos with Link
  12. Headline characters: 25
  13. Link description character: 30

How to setup Facebook video ads

To crate a video ad, carry put the following procedures.

  1. Visit the Ads manager.
  2. Now tap on + Create.
  3. Select an objective. You should pick one that supports video and then click on Continue.
  4. Select a targeting placement and the budget and click Continue again.
  5. When in the format section, click on Carousel or Single image video.
  6. Now upload your video from ads manager.

Note if you choose the format in carousel then scroll down to the Create/Links and click on Video/slideshow, followed by clicking Select video or Create slide show.

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  • Click Customize video and then select Crop. Then select any ratio for your video after that click on Apply changes.
  • Click on Customise video again and then select Thumbnails then choose an image or select a frame to use. Then tap on Apply changes.
  • Finally, click on finish to pulish the ad.

Facebook video ads cost

If you have been paying close attention to this post you will discover I have said that these ads do not cost much. Some people, however, spend more on coffee than they do on ads a day. These ads do not cost much, and the price cannot be exactly determined. As there are various factors that affect it, which are the length of the ads, audiences, and others. But the bottom line is that they don’t cost much.

Do facebook video ads autoplay
Generally videos on the platform autoplay when you scroll through your newsfeeds. And video ads are no exemption.they will Autoplay in any newsfeeds they appear in because facebook sets videos by default to autoplay. but to disable autoplay on your facebook see this post. FB app video.


In everything, one does its important to stand out. Even when running ads on this platform. So if you want to stand out. Then make use of these types of ads. As they are guaranteed to improve your sales and whatever it is you are marketing.


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