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Facebook Watch: What It Is and How to Use It

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Facebook Watch: From the look of things, I can say that just 30% of Facebook users know about the FB watch and can access the feature. These are Facebook users in the U.S. and this is because the feature was first rolled out in the U.S., 2019, and has not been seen in other countries.

Hopefully, we will get to see the feature soon, but before then I think you should have a better understanding of FB watch and how it works. If you’re interested hop in while I take you on a ride on a FB watch.

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What Does Facebook Watch Mean?

A FB Watch is a video-on-demand service operated by Facebook Inc. it offers personalized recommendations for videos to watch as well as categorized content bundles depending on factors sub as popularity, and social media engagement.

In order to fully meet the needs that users have for video, we started creating the separate tab, watch, and that’s been growing quickly as well. – Mark Zuckerberg stated further….

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You can think about the content acquisition that we do there is more along the lines of either marketing or bringing n w people into the experience. We’re not building a sub-service or anything like that around this.

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The FB watch original video content is produced for the company by partners who earn about 50% of ad revenue on the platform.

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Facebook Watch – How It Works

Just like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix, Facebook has officially entered into the game of video streaming. Video contents ranging from mining documentaries to live sports are all available on FB Watch.

And people keep asking, what’s the difference between a FB watch and other video streaming services? There’s a whole lot of difference, yes, it’s not a standalone app but it does more than video streaming standalone apps.

  • FB watch streams original video contents which can be viewed through the watch tab on Facebook.
  • There’s no subscription fee.
  • It is monetized through break ads and because of that, watching videos are totally free.
  • FB watch is hyper personalized, has a user-friendly interface.

Accessing FB Watch Tab

FB watch tab is built into Facebook and can be accessed through the main Facebook site and Facebook mobile app. It can be found on its own watch tab similar to a Facebook marketplace and messenger room tab.

The FB watch includes a mixture of content from users and professionally produced contents Facebook pays to have produced. You can only access FB watch when you have a functioning Facebook account.

  1. Go to the Facebook app.
  2. Click the menu bar.
  3. Select watch from the menu options.
  4. Tap a video you want to watch.

The FB watch tab does not have channels like the YouTube app.


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