Fb Marketing Tips – Facebook Advertising – Facebook Marketing Strategies to Use

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Fb Marketing Tips – Facebook Advertising – Facebook page plays a major role in Facebook marketing, the page serves as a means to bring all your customers together, where you can post contests concerning your business, interact with your customers, get feedback and responses from them that will help your business grow. It’s always important to take time to fill out the description of the page you’re about to open, so as to create awareness and make it easy for your potential target customers to identify with your page.

Facebook Marketing Strategies | Tips on How to Post Ads on Facebook

As the need for technology and the Internet continue to be in the increase in this age, a lot of people are becoming more familiar with the idea of digital marketing. Facebook, being the most populated social network serves as an advantage to ads managers and business owners to advertise their business through Facebook marketing. Below are some helpful tips for posting ads on Facebook :

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  1. Login to Facebook ads manager.
  2. Select a campaign objective for your business.
  3. Give your campaign a name and then select “ set up ad account “.
  4. Tap on the audience and select your target audience based on age, gender and location.
  5. Select a convenient platform to post your ad; Facebook, Instagram or both.
  6. Select a budget for your ad.
  7. Select the preferred way you want your ad to appear, and then click on

Note that ads placement on Facebook is not free, you will be charged based on your budget. You can also choose the set of period of time you want your ad to run.

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Fb Marketing Tips – How to Login to Facebook Manager

For people looking to pursue a career in Facebook marketing, it is pertinent to have a knowledge of how to operate a Facebook manager. Below are tips to help you get started :

  1. Ensure you’re device is connected to the Internet.
  2. Login to your Facebook account.
  3. Click on the arrow pointing down at the top right corner of the page.
  4. From the drop-down menu, tap on manage advert.
  5. After following the above steps, you’ll be directed to create a page where you can create your ad account or multiple accounts if you wish.


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