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FDU International Graduate Scholarship in the USA | Apply Now


FDU International Graduate Scholarship in the USA: FDU offers a wide range of generous scholarships for our international students. Most scholarships are based on academic merit and test scores and vary according to program.

On this page we are going to walk you through on all the necessary steps you need to apply for FDU International Graduate Scholarship and get the scholarship approval. So all you have to do is to read all the information written below.

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Most people do ask. Is there any scholarship for Liberians? FDU scholarship application 2021 has started and international students are shown a guide on how to apply for the scholarship. The application date and requirements that you must meet for you to become eligible for the program.

However, It is very vital to let you know that FDU scholarship is funded by Fairleigh Dickinson University in the USA. Liberian students that applied for the scholarship and got selected have created their own opportunity to study at the university.

Interestingly, it is solely for Liberians and some other Constituencies that their students would love to startup an undergraduate program. So do not be left out, if you have all the necessary requirements just go ahead to apply.

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FDU International Graduate Scholarship in the USA

However, financial instability or insufficient funds will no longer be a basic challenge for not furthering your studies again in higher education. Eligible students that their interested field of study is available among recognizable courses offered in the university. Are called upon to forward their application in order to advance their intellect and widen their experiences.

Meanwhile, stay and discover how FDU scholarship application 2021 is completed. It is a program strictly applied online. You must be emotionally, medically, and physically fit before you are confirmed eligible. On the other hand, your international passport will be included in the application form as evidence of a Liberian student or an international student.

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So let’s move over to Duration of the program, so read the below information to know the duration of FDU International Graduate Scholarship.

Scholarships Details

  • Col. Fairleigh S. Dickinson Scholarship
  • Up to $32,000 per year
  • Minimum Requirements:
  • Based on academic merit
  • SAT/ACT required
  • Renewable up to four years

Duration of FDU International Graduate Scholarship

Nevertheless,  FDU Scholarship is a 4 years program that will take place in the USA and it will be taken as a full time program. So, all foreign applicants that are not ready to succumb to a full time program are urged not to apply. More so, poor citizens are more considered because their low-life character will be an added advantage to their application.

Since we are done with the duration of the scholarship, let’s move over to scholarship place of study.

Scholarship Place of Study

Fairleigh Dickinson University will. undertake all freshmen that are confirmed eligible for this FDU scholarship application 2021. For you to become qualified, ensure that all required details that will appear alongside your application form for validation of the form are duly included.

FDU International Scholarship

  • Up to $27,000 per year
  • Minimum Requirements:
  • Based on academic merit
  • SAT/ACT not required
  • Renewable up to four years

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Recognizable Field of Study

All the undergraduate subjects accessed by old students of Fairleigh Dickinson University are also available for beneficiaries. That said, Applicants must explore the university portal to confirm if their courses are available or recognized by the university as well, before the award program commences.

Scholarship Conditions

  • Must submit a complete FDU application
  • Awarded at the time of admission
  • Will not increase once awarded
  • Awarded per year (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Cannot be used towards a Summer semester
  • Renewable based on continued full-time enrollment, maintaining a good GPA, and remaining in good standing at FDU
  • Meeting minimum criteria does not ensure receipt of an award
  • Subject to certain restrictions

Please click on the left for more specific information

Supporting Documents Of FDU International Graduate Scholarship

These are documents that will serve as a supplement of your fully filled application form. In effect, your application form must be completed with all prompted information. Then, support the form with;

  • International passport that will prove your identity and country.
  • Digital passport.
  • Evidence of English proficiency test.
  • Medical Report.
  • High school diploma that will prove your course eligibility.

Now that these additional documents are confirmed, it is time to learn a new idea that has helped many international students to get an approved application.

Qualification Criteria for all Foreign Students

What makes you eligible for the program? The question is answered here after some research. Go through this to attest to your eligibility before you attempt for an application.

  1. For Liberians and other indicated International students.
  2. You must be an upcoming undergraduate student.
  3. Have interest in only coursework recognized in the university.
  4. Being physically, mentally, and medically fit is an added advantage.
  5. An under 18 years is not eligible and over 25 years is equally ineligible. That said, your age range must be between 18 and 25.
  6. Your English must be satisfactory before you can commence a program here since they are all English taught programs.

FDU Scholarship Application 2021

You will enroll for a program at the university first before applying for the award program. It must be a subject taught in the university and also prior to your profession in life. With the enrollment letter, you have superseded all the factors that can be a hindrance. For more information visit scholarship official website


  • Fall (August) Semester: July 1
  • Spring (January) Semester: December 1
  • Summer semester (limited programs): May 1

The application hasn’t started but we would love to keep you on track. In case you would like us to keep you updated on when to apply and where to download and submit your application, drop your email in the comment box below.

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Hope this post is helpful? If yes use the comment box below to share your experience with us.



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