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Free Mode on Facebook Lite – Facebook Lite Free Mode – Facebook Lite Go to Free Mode

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Facebook Lite Go to Free Mode | Free Mode on Facebook:  FB is committed to allowing users to make use of their platform at all costs. The free mode can also be referred to as Zero Mode. Facebook Free Mode not only works for the Facebook app but also its subversion called Facebook Lite. People use free mode on FB as a means to access Facebook without internet bandwidth. You get to access your notifications and messages requiring no internet connection. The only thing you don’t get to see while using it is media (Pictures and Videos). Free mode helps you reserve your data.

On the other hand, Facebook Lite is a subversion of Facebook which consumes less space compared to the normal FB mobile app. For people who have less storage space on their devices, this is the most advisable for them. Shortly, you going to be enlightening on how to activate free mode on Facebook lite.

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Facebook Free Mode on Facebook Lite

When using any of the FB’s mobile application, there are basically two (2) mode which it can function on and they are:

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  1. Data Mode and
  2. Free Mode

In this content, our focus is on Free Mode on Facebook Lite which refers to the use of the FB app without any data charge. You going to so love this, I promise. A switch from the Data Mode takes you to Free mode when using the FB Lite app.

Free Mode on Facebook Lite Features

The way the free mode functions on the FB app is just the same with how it functions on the FB Lite app. The features are not in any way different. Below is a list of things to look out for when using free mode on Facebook:

  1. The mode is totally void of media (Both photos and videos)
  2. You can text chat with your FB friends (This is the basic the thing people enjoy while using this mode)
  3. You are restricted from viewing stories

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Facebook Lite Free Mode Settings

Activating free mode using the FB Lite App is very easy so long as you follow the right procedures. To enable free mode on Facebook Lite, follow the steps below:

  • Open or Launch your FB Lite app on your device
  • Sign in your FB account by entering your login details
  • After a successful sign-in, get to the top right side of your page on FB Lite, find Go to free
  • Simply click Go to Free

The actions above you will help you successfully activate the free mode on your FB Lite app.

How to Switch Back to Data Mode

Switching back to Data Mode isn’t in any way a problem as you can always do so to enjoy the full package Facebook offers. With the Data Mode you can see photos and videos, view people’s stories, and more. To get back to using the Data Mode on FB Lite, kindly follow the procedures below:

  1. When making use of the free mode, look at the top of your page and locate See Photos
  2. Click See Photos
  3. Verify your action to leave the free mode as you click USE DATA

Trust you found this content really helpful? Stay tuned for more.



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