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Help Keep Coronavirus Off Your Phone – How To Keep Coronavirus Off Your Phone

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Help Keep Coronavirus Off Your Phone – The Coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic this means that is only going to keep getting worse but it is tackled properly. However, you must play your own part in preventing the deadly disease from getting into you. One of the ways to do so is to know how to keep Coronavirus off your phone. Apart from the other ways of sanitizing your hands, washing your hands, not touching your face and all that, it is very important for you to keep the virus off your device.

  1. How To Keep Coronavirus Off Your Phone
  2. How To Keep Coronavirus Off Your Phone
  3. Preventing Coronavirus From Your Device

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If you remember correctly not touching your face is one of the ways that you can help prevent Coronavirus from spreading to your body. This is also facilitated by wearing hand gloves, regular washing of hands and using hand sanitizer. However, one can easily prevent touching their face, but it is not easy for one to let go of touching their device. Which in turn will touch your face in a matter of time. Like when you have a phone call and others. So it is imperative that you protect your device with utmost care in order to combat the virus.

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The most effective way of keeping Coronavirus off your phone is to disinfect your phone from time to time. However, there are dangerous chemicals in these disinfectants that may cause damage to your device. But this post will show you how to disinfect your phone and help keep Coronavirus of it without damaging your device.

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Studies have shown that CONVID 19 can survive up to nine days on your phone surface. We know what that means, no one can stay without using or making a call with their phone for that long. This means that once your phone is infected it may cause you to have the Coronavirus. That is why you constantly have to disinfect your phone.

How To Keep Coronavirus Off Your Phone

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Here I am going to be giving you some tips that we correctly and properly clean your phone without damaging it. So if you follow them correctly you will have a corona free device.

There however are some occasions where you must disinfect your phone. Like when coming from a public place like public toilets, using the grocery and other public places it is imperative that you disinfect your device after visiting such places.

  • The first way on how to disinfect your device is to use wipes. I mean disinfectant wipes which contain 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your phone screen. There have been warning against using disinfectant wipes. But now companies like Apple says they are some wipes like the Clorox wipes that can be used without problems on your phone.
  • Another way is to use ultraviolent lights which can be gotten from some devices which are made for the purpose like Phonesoap. This device is specifically made to produce ultraviolet light that kills all kinds of bacteria. The device has an accuracy of 99.9% Kill rate of all kinds of gems.
  • Wear disposable gloves do not use reusable gloves. Because they can harbor the virus after being used for some time.
  • Also, use a phone case for your device and always wipe it clean anytime you just visited a public place.
  • Prevent passing your phone around. In case of sharing a photo or a video, you can do that through text message. The bottom line is the less contact your phone has with others the safer it is.
  • Use devices like Bluetooth and headsets to avoid putting your phone on your face.

How To Prevent Damage To Your Phone.

There are some wrong procedures and techniques that can actually cause harm to your device. As we all know your devices contain some substances that help prevent oil and water from getting into the device to damage it. So it is imperative to take proper measures not to damage your device. Let’s see some of the ways that you can damage your device.

  • Do not dunk your device into any form of liquid.
  • Avoid spray cleaners and heavy-duty products.
  • Do not use bleach and aerosol sprays on your device.

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