How To Activate Free Facebook – Facebook Free Mode Settings | Go to Free Mode

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How To Activate Free Facebook: Facebook Free Mode is a setting on Facebook which gives users the leverage to use Facebook without internet bandwidth. Facebook’s aim behind this kind of settings is to allow users to access their platform without any excuse.

Go to Free Mode | How To Activate Free Facebook

Although, the FB Free Mode denies users access to just one thing which is “Media”. Media includes:

  1. Pictures
  2. Videos
  3. Audios

With all said, it is of essence that you know FB has the best interest of their users in mind and this is why they try their best to give users their platform in different forms. There are basically two modes in which users can use FB and they are:

  • Data Mode
  • Free Mode

Facebook Data and Free Mode

FB comes with a wild variety of features which makes their platform the most enjoyable. Data Mode is a mode on Facebook which requires internet bandwidth. Once you log in your Facebook account, the data mode is what you come in contact with. This mode grants you access to Facebook in full. That is, you have media and everything which makes FB very interesting

Free Mode as discussed earlier, has no media but can be taken advantage of especially if you desire to chat with someone on FB Messenger.

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Facebook Free Mode Settings

To use the Facebook Free Mode, you need to have the Facebook Mobile App on your Android or Apple device. To switch from the Data Mode to the Free Mode, the setting is very easy. This can help you manage your data usage especially if you doing more of chatting.

Once you login in your FB account using the mobile app, you will notice that at the top of your page it says “You are in Data Mode” found at the top left. Besides that, you will see an inscription in a rectangle which says “Go to Free”. As soon as you click on the Go to Free option, you would be asked to verify your action. Once you do, you would be using the FB Free Mode.

You can see how easy this is.


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