How to Change Facebook Theme – Color & Theme Changer for Facebook

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How to Change Facebook Theme – Color & Theme Changer for Facebook – In this post we are going to tutor you on the basic step to change your Facebook them without much stress, because we have come to know that there are a lots of users on Facebook out there that want to see other amazing Facebook theme background, but they have been finding it very difficult to do. So all you need to do is to read the information written below.

How to Change Facebook Theme – Color & Theme Changer for Facebook

Meanwhile we have to prove that it is not that hard for you if you want to change your theme on Facebook. Before I tell you what you can do to change your Facebook theme I will like for us to know what the theme is on Facebook.

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Facebook themes are images filled with colors and design and most attractively with someone or a sculpture in it that is used as a Facebook background image. This serves as a design to your Facebook page and makes it looks beautiful.

There are lots of users on Facebook that make use of these Facebook themes because they have found how great it is to do so. But you must be a user on the Facebook platform before you can change your Facebook themes.

How to Become a Facebook User

To be a user on the Facebook platform is not that difficult, all you need to do is follow the steps, for you to understand better here are the steps for you to follow;

  • Access the Facebook website,
  • On the top of the page click on create new account.
  • Then you will now be asked to fill in your names, email or phone number, your password, your gender, and also your date of birth.
  • Tap on continue below the page or sign up.
  • Be ready to receive a code of confirmation in your email address or to your mobile phone.
  • When received type in the code in the confirmation box and click on continue.
  • These are the steps to make you a Facebook user successfully.

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How to Login into Your Facebook Account

If you want to login on Facebook and you find it tough then, you should read and follow the instructions below;

  • Access the Facebook site.
  • All you must do is to type your email or phone number.
  • Also your password below.
  • Then you can now click on login or sign in.
  • When these steps are followed correctly then you will have access to your Facebook account.

How to Change Facebook Theme for Android

Here is how you can change your Facebook theme;

  • First step is for you to install stylish for chrome from the chrome web store.
  • Then go to the Facebook site,
  • Now sign in to your account on Facebook.
  • Then click on the “s” button.
  • Also tap on “find styles for this site” to open a new tab with some free themes to use for Facebook.
  • Select or tap on any theme and a preview will be displayed.
  • Now if everything is okay in the previewed theme, you can click on “install with stylish” button located at the top of the page.

That is all, so we hope this content is helpful? kindly use the comment box below for more inquires and contribution.

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