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How to Change Username on FB – Change Page Username On Facebook

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How to Change Username on FB – Change Page Username On Facebook – Change Page UserName On Facebook or How to Change @username on FB has been something more like a challenge on Facebook. Previously it has always been a difficult thing to change facebook page name let alone changing facebook username. This challenge has been taken care of by Facebook and primegick.com is going a guide to the simplest and easy way to go around changing your Facebook business/fan page name in one minute.

Facebook Page Username Full Details

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Before we go into how to change Facebook user name proper I will like to know what Facebook business/fan page user is, and its functions. If you have a page or pages and having difficulties to manage it, you may consider Facebook Page Manager, it makes page management easy.

Facebook has been accused of copying the features of other social media to better its own features and make it more addicted to its users. Facebook page username is one of the feature Facebook copied from the rival social media twitter. Twitter is one of the biggest social media that is popularly known for the @username feature. Facebook lifted the page user name from there and included it to the features of FB.

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What is the function of Facebook user name

Facebook page @username is synthase which you can use to call on a particular user on any comment or post page.

This Facebook username features will help its user to easily find a business/fan page on Facebook without going through searching procedures. It also allows a user to refer to a page in comment or post.

Why would I change my user page name

There are several reasons while you will want to change a Facebook page user name. Some of the reasons include:

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Change of business name: If you have been following onlinenews, you will notice that this blog does not have a page on Facebook, rather itโ€™s using a sister page @ litenews as its page to share its post on facebook. I know this must have been giving my fans problems to finding us on Facebook. to fix this problem I will change the page user name from @onlinenews to @litenews.

  1. For Easy finding of your business/fan page on Facebook
  2. Re-branding
  3. Change of ownership etc.

Benefits of changing Facebook page user name

The Facebook page user name is very beneficial because it carries the image of your business. To set off a good and professional business page, your page should bear your business name alongside the page username. This will give your clients more confident and gain more trust from your fans.

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How Change Page UserName On Facebook

Enough of the digression, back to our main business of this postโ€ฆHow to Change @username on FB.

You must have tried the default way of changing your page user name and you keep hitting dead ends.

Follow this simplest way that works:

  1. Login to your Facebook page and access your page which you wish to change its user name.
  2. On the sidebar locate ABOUT and click on it
  3. Click the Edit beside the user name
  4. On the popup, change the name to whatever you like and save
  5. Well done you have successfully changed your page @username

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