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How To Contact Facebook Customer Service Number

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Experience is the best teacher and that is the major reason why everyday in our life we keep on learning and no knowledge is a wast. We all know that every day Facebook users need Facebook help and need the actual person in the customer service to attend to them in order to solve their problem and that is the major purpose of this article in order to guide you on how to contact Facebook customer service number.

However, it is very vital to know that any body that is in need of help are very desperate and they might easily get into the hand of the wrong people. And social net is not left out, if you have any where come across Facebook help or how to contact Facebook customer service number online, ITโ€™S TOTALLY A SCAM.

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Facebook is still about to announce a Facebook helpline, but donโ€™t worry yourself because Rediffreg.com is going to guide you on the basic process on how to contact Facebook customer service without getting into the hand of the SCAMMERS.


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It is very impossible to contact an affiliate Facebook company or a Facebook employee, rather you can easily use Facebook help center in order to diagnose and report your problem.

All you need to do is to follow the information written below to contact customer service without any kind of stress.

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1. Just navigate to the Facebook Help Center Webpage, Sign into your Facebook account by clicking โ€œLog inโ€ at the top right corner of the screen. If you are not active online.

2. Then go through the option toolbars, and locate the option below the search bar> Then hover your cursor over each option to view other options, the information written below are the options.

  • Privacy and Safety: Any time you have problem with your Facebook account security, hacked or fake accounts this is the Facebook helpline option for you.
  • Policies and Reporting: Here is where you can easily solve Facebook issues on reporting, handling a deceased personโ€™s account, and reporting for you.
  • You can as well check out <Questions You May Have> and <Popular Topics> sections on this page. The all covers common issues and complaints.
  • Managing Your Account: This Facebook Help center option takes care of your Login and profile settings.

3. Select the most appropriate section: It all depends on the problem you want to resolve, select the section that would solve your problem from the options.

4. Then go through other additional options: In order to resolve your problem easily, Facebook will offer you additional options in order to help you narrow down your Facebook problems and as well solve it.

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5. Use of search Bar: To speed up this method simply click on the search bar at the top of the Facebook Help Center page. It will reply you with something like this> Hi (Your Name), how can we Help?. Without any wasting of time write a few words with regards your problem, then you will be given several solution suggestions in order to help you out.

You can as well navigate to the <Facebook Community Page> where you have free access to get Facebook support from people who have had the same experience based on the problem you desired to resolve.

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