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How to Create an Account on Textfree Web

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TextFree Communication is the bond of every relationship, and Text Free has gone along way enhancing interaction among great number of people by providing to text free online to phone using Text Free.

Meanwhile, to enjoy Text Free all you need is to adequately carryout Text Free Online Sign Up procedure and proceed with Text Free Login at www.pinger.com. Hence, I will ensure I bring to the steps in its simplest form to connect with friends and family , text free online send and receive text messages.

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Text Free as its name rightly imply supports free texting online to cell phone. It is also a free calling and texting and SMS app offering real phone numbers which can be used to send text to anyone. This simply means that you can send text free online to phone of all your friends even if they do not have the app installed on their devices.

Moreover, aside texting there other blissful ensured features of Text Free. Hence before I proceed with how to sign up Text Free and Login Text Free, I will take few seconds to show just in a jiffy those unique feature of Text Free offered by pinger via Text Free App.

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  • Enjoy free texting and calling as well sending of pictures without limit.
  • You are offered real US phone number which you can use to reach out to your colleagues and family member through MMS, SMS or call.
  • Use multiple available sticker to make your conversation and messaging fun and lively.
  • You now use Text Free App to call and send message from any device be it desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • With Group Chat enabled you are can share messages and as well be part of the conversation since anyone can always reply even when they donโ€™t have app.

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  • Logon to http://www.pinger.com/tfw/
  • At the welcome page click on โ€œSign Upโ€.
  • A page will appear with the option to Sign faster with Facebook or Google+. However proceed with Sign Up through email.
  • Enter your username, and remember it must be minimum of three characters, must not be separated and there should be no special characters like โ€œ@โ€ โ€œ#โ€ and its similar.
  • Enter your Password and as well confirm it by entering again. It must be at least six (6) characters.
  • Fill in your Email Address, Age and gender.
  • Enter the word in the in red letter into the captcha box to complete verification.
  • Click on the arrow sign to complete your sign up.
  • Proceed to fill out your postal code and set up your Text Free account.
  • You will be required to verify the email address you submitted.
  • Go to your Mail box, click on the link provided to verify your email authenticity.

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I hope these tips were helpful? Feel free to use the comment box for questions and contributions.

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