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How to Create Facebook Tournament Event On Your Facebook Account – Facebook Launches Gaming Tournament Online

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How to Create Facebook Tournament Event – In here we shall be discussing with you what facebook gaming tournament is all about, show you answers to some frequent asked question and how to create a facebook tournament event. All you need is to read our article very carefully with understand.

Before i take you down on this article i would like to let you really understand what facebook tournament is all about.

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About Facebook Gaming Tournaments | Create Facebook Tournament Event

Facebook launches Gaming tournaments event to enable people to maintain a Social distancing means we have to be apart, but games can still bring us together. So today we’re opening early access to Facebook Gaming tournaments, feature to help people stay connected through games. Gaming is all about friendly competition, and Facebook Gaming tournaments help bring that experience to everyone wherever they are, whatever game they’re playing.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Lets put you through below here on the FAQs which you are suppose to know before thinking of getting interested to facebook online gaming tournaments. These questions are:

Why do facebook building a tournaments feature on Facebook?

  1. Facebook team are building a one-stop shop for everything critically important for tournament organizers
  2. Offering better discovery and functionality for tournament participants
  3. Offering developers and communities an easy way to connect


What Can I Do with tournaments On Facebook?

You can organize an event, invite participants and run a tournament from start to finish including:

  1. Registration (singles or teams)
  2. Seeding
  3. Bracket management
  4. Score entry

Which Platform Supports Tournament?

  • iOS Facebook App
  • Android Facebook App
  • Desktop/Web browsers

What types of tournament can i create?

We support several tournament styles including:

  • Single elimination – A bracket in which every match results in an elimination
  • Double elimination – Eliminated participants get an extra shot to win the tournament
  • Round robin – Every participant competes with every other participant
  • We support both singles and team tournaments

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Are you adding more tournament formats in the future?

We plan on supporting the Swiss format, as well as keeping an eye out for other desired formats.

Can my tournament have more than oone organizer?

You can add additional users as cohosts of your event, or add them as admins to your tournament Page.

How do i add participant to my tournament?

Participants can register themselves on the tournament page or tournament organizers can add gamer tags directly from the participants list.

Do participants need to have a facebook profile?

  1. If a user doesn’t have a Facebook account, a tournament organizer can still register them for the event by entering their gamer tag.
  2. Using a Facebook profile will allow access features such as bracket/notifications.

How can i manage participants?

  1. From the participants list, you can message any participants who registered themselves.
  2. If necessary, prior to the tournament you can forfeit teams or players, removing them from the competition.
  3. If the tournament has begun, you can disqualify a team, making them lose their current match and marking them as disqualified for future reference.

What are stations?

  1. Stations can help you manage larger scale events by assigning matches to individual setups.
  2. Tap on a match to select it, and you’ll be able to assign a station to it.
  3. Once you enter a score for that match, the station will automatically be free for use for another match.
  4. Having put you very through by the above well explained formats, lets know guide you on the major reason of this article which how to create a facebook tournament.

Steps On How can i create a tournaments?

To create a facebook tournament online using your facebook account below here is the steps you need to go through and get it done right.

  1. Head to fb.gg/tournaments
  2. You can create several tournaments tied to one event.
  3. You can fill in date and location, tournament type, game being played and invite participants.

There are more you can get from facebook in this pandemic period We’re excited to open early access to facebook gaming tournament

For more, kindly drop your contact on the below comment box as we reply you immediately.


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