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How to Create My FB Avatar – How to Make My Facebook Avatar Emoji

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How to Create My FB Avatar: Over the years, Bitmoji and emojis have been an easier method of communication when it comes to commenting on Facebook and perhaps other social media. The Facebook Avatar maker features are the trending platform that was launched by Facebook over the weekends for its users in Africa, though it has since been existing in the United States of America.

The free Facebook Avatar creator app is a platform on the Facebook Mobile App or Facebook Messenger created for its user to create a cartoonist identity of themselves and make an animated sticker of their profile. However, the use of Facebook Avatar stickers makes the use of emojis and Bitmojis for users as a way of making communication faster.

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The Facebook Avatar uses the emojis to express emotion in a comment, Facebook stories, and Messenger and comes with special features like smiley face icon and changing of skin tone, hairstyle, etc.

How to Use Facebook Avatar Link

The Facebook Avatar can be accessed on your smartphone via the android phone by using the Google play store and on the iPhone by downloading the Facebook Avatar or Messenger on the iOS Apple play store.

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Additionally, the use of Facebook Avatar requires a step by step procedures which will give you easy access to Facebook users and also increase the number of visitors which will also bring new users to the website. Although the steps to launching the Facebook Avatar may seem technical I will give you procedural steps to follow and they are as follow:

How to Create My FB Avatar – How To Make a Facebook Avatar

The procedural steps to create your Facebook Avatar are as follows:

  1. Open up the Facebook app on your smartphone (The feature works for both iOS or Android). Click on the
    Menu icon (three horizontal lines) found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. After clicking on the Menu button, Scroll down and click “See More”.
  3. Click on “Avatars.”
  4. A page pops-up showing animated cartoon images, at the bottom, click on Next.
  5. Another page pops-up showing another image of animated pictures, click on “Get started”.
  6. After clicking, a page pops-up showing images of a particular animated picture in different skin tones. Choose one out of the skin tone that suits you and click on “Next”.
  7. After that, a page pops-up showing an animated image showing you ways of customizing your image and there is a mirror icon near the top-right corner of the screen to open your device’s front-facing camera, which will allow you to look at yourself as you create your Avatar and also create allow you create a selfie for yourself.
  8. Click on “Next” after customizing the animated image.
  9. After that, click on “Done”.

In conclusion, following all these steps will not only give you access to the Facebook Avatar link maker platform. It will also make you have an updated Facebook Mobile App. Were these how to Create My Facebook Avatar helpful?


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