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How to Detect a Fake Facebook Account

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How to Detect a Fake Facebook Account – Facebook is a popular social media platform used by over half of the world’s population so knowing how to reveal a fake Facebook account is necessary, it’s not a surprise that there are different kinds of people on Facebook, therefore, it would be advisable for you to be a bit more careful when you want to make friends on Facebook by knowing how to reveal a fake Facebook account.

This is because if you don’t know how to reveal a fake Facebook account, there are many people claiming to be who they are not by hiding their true identity under a fake Facebook account which is not very easy to detect and most people fall, a victim of this because they don’t know how to detect a fake Facebook account.

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How to Detect a Fake Facebook Account

These people with fake Facebook accounts when they discover that most people don’t know how to reveal a fake Facebook account create these accounts majorly for the purposes of manipulating people into giving up their life savings and money, spamming, tagging people in adverts without their permission, getting information about you, impersonation, and worst of all, destroying people’s good reputations because they don’t know how to reveal a fake Facebook account.


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How to Spot a fake Facebook account: steps /procedures

In knowing how to reveal a fake Facebook account, asides the steps and procedures, you also have to be sensitive and observant so as to notice strange things that these people who create fake Facebook accounts do to be able to know them. The following steps below will go a long way in helping to know how to reveal a fake Facebook account:
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1.Discover the importance of identifying a fake Facebook account.

2. Make it a habit not to talk to or get too familiar with strangers.

3.Do your own background research (about your Facebook friends or would-be friends).

4. Study their profile meticulously.

5.Check and observe their profile picture.

6. Search out their names online and see if it returns.

7. Check out all their friends (when you discover the kinds of friends they have, the more they tend to have international friends on their friendship list less than local friends, you should get suspicious of their true identity).

8. Block their request or block them from your list of friends.

The above steps are going to be very resourceful when you finally decide you want to know how to reveal a Facebook account.


7 Top signs a Facebook is fake

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The steps below are mostly about finding many clues that point toward an account being fake. There are also a few standalone clues that make it very likely an account is fake

Point #1: sharing of low-quality, ad-heavy websites

The aim of several fake account is to get you to go to a specific website. On that website are many ads, and the websites owner generate money from advertisers by showing how many visitors they had on their site viewing those ads.

Point #2: different name in URL

Many of fake accounts, not all, will have a different name displayed in the URL than shown in the display. This can happen for accounts that used to be owned by a real person that was hacked, or for fake account that were used for a different purpose at one point (e.g. switching from middle- western aimed content to London- aimed content).

Point #3: content disconnect or content shift

Several fake accounts will go from being used one way to being used in another way. For example, a hacked middle-western account goes from posting Ghana dance Videos and memes for years and then, at some point in 2018, uploads a white person’s picture and starts posting London aimed political content (either on the Facebook group or on their own wall).

Point #4: lack of pictures, interactions, content

When you decide to spend little time following a Facebook account of strangers (non-friends), you will find out that most account will have some content visible. They may have certain sections or aspects locked down privately, but there will usually be some things that give credence to the fact that they are real people.

Point #5: patterns in profile details

A lot of the fake account creators are lazy. Most of them go for quantity over quality. This simply means there are often patterns to what they put in biography. Here are some of the most common patterns
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Well-known city or state names is being used in their profile information. A profile might have:

  • From New York, New York
  • Lives in New York, New York
  • Teachers at New York University

Point #6: using other people’s names and photos

When a fake account wants to appear legit, they have to get their photos from somewhere. Sometimes they use an actor/ performer photo, either well- known celebrities or lesser-known, hard-to-recognize actors. Sometimes they will get pictures from random sites, like outdoor event websites.

Point #7: Connected to other fake accounts

Some of the fake accounts are part of a fake- account network. These accounts like each other’s posts and pictures, and may even make short comments or post emojis to further the illusion. I have found a large network of “young male Trump supporter” that was at least 30- people large at the point I stopped working on tracking it.



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