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HOW TO GET PAID APPS FOR FREE ON PLAY STORE – Android users have a lot of reason why they want to get apps for free, especially paid ones. Alot of them want to test the app first, then purchase it afterwards.  This makes the users not buy apps that are crap or do not need serve the purpose of actually buying the app, but it is preferred that the app is bought after the confirmation .

I can say that android is the best operating system on phone due to its importance’s of customizations compare to other operating systems. So, getting paid apps for free on android phones is quite simple but tricky because many android users don’t know such tricks.

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The ability to install apps from unknown source without having to root your phone is one of the advantages

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  • How To Get Paid Apps Using Getapk App

    • To get paid apps apk using Getapk is very simple and easy all you need is to download the latest version of the Getapk app from this link Here then follow the steps on how to use it
      • How To Get Paid Android Apps With Getapk

        • Download and install the apk from the link above
        • Open the Getapk market and grant all permissions
        • Now go to your official Google play store then search for any paid apps you wish to download for free
        • Now select the app don’t click on the purchase
        • Now scroll down till you see add to Wishlist and share
        • Select share then many options will pop up make sure to select Getapk market
        • The app will load up on the Getapk market then click on download and follow the steps
        • Check your notification you will see the download page in progress
        • When the download is complete install your paid app for free
        • To locate the download apk file on your phone storage open storage/Getapk/apps
      • Advantage Of Using Getapk Market

        • No root is needed
        • No terrible ads
        • It is very easy to get paid apps
        • No signup

        Disadvantage Of Using Getapk Market

        • Not all apps you can get for free using this method
        • The download doesn’t have pause and resume options
      • How To Get Paid Apps For Free Using Third-Party Play Store/Android Market

        To get paid apps or games using trick is also easy and simple. What you need to do is download a third-party market of your choice then search for the paid you are searching for. Below is the top third-party Android market that offers paid apps and games for free.

        Using Appvn Method

        AppVn is one of those great third-party markets for Android phones where you can get paid apps, paid games and moded apk for free though it is not that popular in many countries and you can also get apps that are not available to your country in play store from this app.

        How To Use Appvn

        • Download the latest version of AppVn apk from Here
        • Install then open the AppVn and grant all permission
        • Now AppVn don’t come in the English language, go to settings and change it to English
        • Now search for any mod paid app of your choice then download and install

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