How to Make $2,000 from Selling on Facebook Marketplace in 2 Weeks

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How to Make $2,000 from Selling on Facebook Marketplace in 2 Weeks – Facebook Marketplace is an online service found on the Facebook platform and like any other market, buying and selling are the main focus. This service doesn’t function separately from the FB App. It is found right on the Facebook platform meaning, for you to buy and sell in FB Marketplace, you are required to first sign up as a Facebook user.

How to Make $2,000 from Selling on Facebook Marketplace in 2 Weeks

In business, everyone desires to make profits. Strategy cannot be overemphasized in this case. Lots of persons make use of Marketplace and sellers are most particular about making gains from every sale they make. Besides making gains and people coming for your items, the strategy involved is the factor that builds an unending flow of profits for you. Every marketplace is a strategy zone and he/she who makes the most of the venue is a Lord of strategy. One of the questions sellers in the FB Marketplace ask is, how do I get more persons to view and purchase my items? All your questions will be answered in no time. Fasten your seat belt for rapid results.

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Make Mind-Blowing Revenue from Facebook Marketplace

If you read through my previous blog posts, you will come across a lot of posts on Facebook Marketplace and how it works. With the procedure below, you going to be enlightened on how you can achieve massive success in the Facebook Marketplace selling items. Note, it works best for items around your house. That is, the items you want to sell.

To list your items in Marketplace and get more potential customers, kindly follow the steps below:

  • First, log in your Facebook account
  • Click on the Marketplace icon right in the middle (It is right by the play button and in between the notification button)
  • You going to be shown some listings in your area
  • Set your range (areas which you want people to see you)
  • Click “What are you selling” and select “items for sale”
  • Upload a very nice picture of your product having a plain background
  • Input the price and name of the item
  • Select a category which actually matches what you sell
  • Select your location (Pick a location in your area where you want to be making deliveries)
  • Describe your item in details (Make your buyers feel positive about the item)
  • In the description, make sure you highlight if you are willing to negotiate or not
  • Click the Next button at the bottom corner
  • You are going to be directed to a selection screen which gives you the option to put the item just on the Marketplace or your profile or buying and selling trade groups
  • To sell a lot of stuff, select share to buy and selling trade groups (Search for the ones in your county)
  • Any time you want to post something, select to post on Marketplace, on your profile, and in all the buying and selling trade groups (Check the groups you want the post to get to)
  • Your post is then going to be seen by many more people because some of these groups have thousands and thousands of members
  • Click “Post”

It’s that easy to do. I wait to hear your testimony on how successful your sale has been.


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