How to Make Money as a KongaPay Agent, Free POS Request

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How to Make Money as a KongaPay Agent: KongaPay is one of the safest and most secure ways of doing online payment. So many of the leading banks in Nigeria have already secured a partnership with the KongaPay. It assisted in ensuring customers in the security of all the operations they do. It is also known to be a secure way of receiving payment for buyers and sellers on Konga.

KongaPay is totally a convenient and secure way of buying goods. If you register with KongaPay, there will be no need for you to sign up for internet banking, or for you to apply for bank accounts or even face any transaction charges. All you have to do is to register once at KongaPay and then you can make your purchases easily. KongaPay is a new payment solution for all banks of Nigeria. It is your way to easily make purchases in Nigeria without having any problem.

Make Money as A KongaPay Agent

To be a KongaPay agent is a huge step to take in order to earn some cash for yourself. As a KongaPay agent, you can be able to make money just by selling digital services like;

  1. To Send and Receive Money
  2. Like Airtime.
  3. Like Data.
  4. Paying bills (such as Electricity bill, DSTV, Sports betting, and others).

As a KongaPay agent, the account of the money you can make for yourself has no limit because you are your own boss in it. To be a KongaPay agent is somehow like being a PalmPay agent. You can be able to earn some money by registering PalmPay customers, to make cash in and cash-out payments for customers, and also to make bill payments for customers.

How You Can Register in Order to Become a KongaPay Agent

Below are steps on how to be a KongaPay agent:

  • You first need to visit the website for KongaPay
  • Once you have done that, you enter your name, your phone number, email address, your residential address in the space provided, and then you will have to answer the questions provided on the page before you can then submit your information.
  • Your registration will be completed and Konga will send your login details to you. And you have become an agent. While you are doing your registration, you can decide to ask for a free POS. Once you are being accepted as a KongaPay agent, all the information on how you will be paid and how you can make money will be disclosed to you.


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