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HOW TO MAKE VIDEO CALL ON FACEBOOK – Face-to-face communication enablement is made possible or works definitely fine with the right use of the Facebook video call icon. Here in this very content, we will get to educate you on how to make video call on Facebook. It’s not just getting to read what’s here but you understanding everything here and being able to execute the action is the most priority.

However, Facebook video call simply means the act of facial communication between FB friends on the Facebook platform. What differs the video call and the normal voice call here is the fact that you get to see the person you are conversing with.

Meanwhile, The Facebook video call feature is attached to the messenger app, yeah that’s made possible by Facebook developers. This is because the action is quite simple to carry out there. The video call icon naturally is at the top right part of your text chatting page with any friend you are currently chatting with. There is absolutely no time you can’t make a call using the video call icon on messenger because it readily works 24 hours a day. The only requirement or what needs to be put in place is the connection of your device to a very good and sound internet enabling source. This is because the video call feature is not free, it requires data charges.

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To use the video call feature on messenger app, these are the made easy steps you need to follow:

The first action to take is to Launch the messenger app on your mobile phone.
Properly log in your account by accurately inputting your details to get on. You will never have the leverage to use this app and it’s special video call feature unless you have an account with Facebook. So get on now and sign up to get yours.
Next is to only start a conversation with the friend you want to call on video.
Identify the video call icon. This is always at the up right part of your text chatting page with that same friend.
Finally, click on “video call icon” to start call.
That is just the simple step to follow so as to enable you make a video call on FB smoothly. Finally when you’re through with the call just simply click on the end call icon which appears red at the down part of your screen.

Communication is very essential for our everyday activity in life but communicating Face to Face is really the best. Facebook video call is tested and trusted. Always make out time to converse with friends regardless of where they are by using this special feature.



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