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How to Play Facebook Messenger Escape Out Game

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Facebook Messenger Escape Out Game โ€“ The purpose of this game is to ensure that you stay hidden from any watch guard, security men, police officers till the operation has been carried out. In this game, you are to pass through a narrow part which will involve you digging your way out. While digging, you will come across some treasurable items such as gold or money to ensure you take them before leaving that vicinity.

However, in this game, you will come across your partner while digging out your partway, which will join you in completing your mission. However, you are to ensure you find all hidden treasurable items. In all your assignment, there is always a car waiting for you outside.

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Benefit of Playing Online Escape Out Game on Facebook Messenger

In online escape out game, you are given the privilege to invite any of the friends you decide to play the game with you.
You can change your operation car to any car of your choice, as far as you have the money provided to buy a new car.
In this game, there is no timer timing you. However, you can take your time playing this game.

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Easy Way to Gain Extra Coin on Online Escape Out Game on Facebook Messenger

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For you to gain extra coins, you have played a slot machine. For you to access the slot machine, you have to watch an ad video that will last up to 30 sec. until the 30sec is over do not exit from that page, if not you wonโ€™t be able to access the slot machine. When you look at your upper screen, you will see a timer timing you, until you see 0sec do not exit from that page. When you look up, you will see a cancellation sign click on it, and it will take you back to the game page. With that, you can gain extra coins in the game.

How to Access Online Escape Out Game on Facebook Messenger

  1. Log into your Facebook account: how to log into your Facebook account? Log in to your username, type in your password, and type on the word login.
  2. When your account is open tap on the three (3) column on your upper screen, then it would direct you to another page
  3. You would see other items listed on that page, but what you should look for is the word gaming
    On your screen tap on the word gaming, then it would direct you to another page. And on that page, you would see lots of games, then search for the word escape out game. With that, you can access escape out game on Facebook.


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