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How To Promote A Post On Facebook – Facebook Boost Post Free Guide

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How To Promote A Post On Facebook – Facebook Boost Post Free Guide: In case you have been Looking for How To Promote A Post On Facebook? Then is good you know that A Facebook Boosted Post can have a monumental impact. When FB.com boost posts, you are sure to see twice as much engagement, twice as much website traffic and often double our sales.

So I must say; you are really making a smart move to get the full Facebook Boost Post Tips. Meanwhile here in this post, How To Promote A Post On Facebook or How to Boost Posts on Facebook, Better won’t be your problem anymore.

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Boosted Posts are just the easy way to reach more people in News Feed. So without taking much time here check here to learn when to find The Facebook Boost Post Button and how to Boots Facebook Post.

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Facebook Boost Post Guideline

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It is very important to Post an engaging content that is to say; Create a new post or go to any post you’ve recently created on your Page’s Timeline. This can be a status update, a deal, a photo or a video. Remember, posts that include photos and videos are more engaging than plain text.

Tip: To increase traffic to your website, boost a post that includes a link to your site. Most of the post will be clickable. This is a really effective way to get people from News Feed to your website.

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How to Boost Posts on Facebook with Facebook boosted post

  • Click Boost Post – To start your Booting, First navigate to the post you want to boost. Then On the bottom right-hand corner of the post, click on the Boost Post button. A drop-down will appear to get you started.
  • Choose your audience – It’s important to reach the right audience with your post. In the drop-down, you can select “People who like your Page and their friends” or you can choose your own target audience by selecting “People you choose through targeting.”
    When you select “People you choose through targeting,” you can target people by location, age, gender, and interests.
  • Choose your budget – You can boost your posts for as little as $5 and will get more reach by increasing your budget. Type in your dollar value, and we’ll show you the number of people your post will reach. A good place to start is a $30 budget.
  • Set up your ad payment – set up your payment method in the Ads Manager also if you want to change your payment method, below are the steps

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  1. Navigate to the Ads Manager Billing tab
  2. Select “Payment Methods” on the left-hand side of the navigation
  3. Click the “Add New Payment Method” button on the top right
  4. If it’s your first time creating a Facebook Ad, select the payment method and enter in your payment details. Or, you can add a new payment method and make this your primary method.

Please Note: Your ads will automatically be billed to your primary funding source.

  • Boost your post – Choose how you want to pay and then click the Boost Post button. Boosted Posts run for one day.
  • Measure your results – To see how your ad is performing, check in on it anytime from the Boost Post button on the post itself. Review your Page Insights to see which types of posts resonate best with your audience.

Believe me when I say that Facebook is your single most important marketing tool. Boosted Posts link directly to your site or e-Store, promoting more sales than any other marketing effort.

Please use the comment box below if you have any question. Thanks


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