How to Stream Live with Snapchat – How To Go Live On Snapchat 2020

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How to Stream Live with Snapchat – Snapchat is very popular for its many interesting filters, such that it makes a lot of people use the app especially for taking photos and making cool videos. One must admit that the filters on Snapchat absolutely stand out when compared to many photo editors. Although there are a lot of people who use Snapchat for taking photos and making videos, the app is also a messaging platform, but to be honest I don’t know a lot of people who chat on Snapchat, except for the purpose of sharing photos.

As a new user on Snapchat or now an active user, you would expect the app to have a live stream feature just like its counterparts Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. However, it is not exactly the way you may have imagined it because although there is a live feature on Snapchat, the only downside is that you’re not at liberty to broadcast live, however you can watch some special live events there. Although Snapchat may have considered this and though it isn’t a necessary addition there are still some features on the app that are a bit similar to going live, like having a live call with friends or sharing stories.

Live Calls with Friends on Snapchat | How to Stream Live with Snapchat

To make a live call with your friends on Snapchat, log into your Snapchat account on the app, then swipe left on your screen (you may have to swipe right on some devices). Your chat page would be displayed as you swipe. You can select the contact you want to call by tapping on their name. Below the chatbox, tap on the video icon, this would put a call through to the other party and they would be notified. After you’re done with the call, you can hang up by tapping on the video icon. To call several friends at the same time, you would first create a group, add the participants, and then place the video call.

Uploading on Your Story

The Snapchat stories isn’t really a live broadcast but it can be uploaded in real-time. This feature allows users to share videos and photos and view videos and photos their friends have uploaded. It is very similar to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook stories. After the story is shared, it disappears after 24 hours. It also has categories, one is stories from “Friends”, Stories from “Subscriptions” (similar to YouTube subscriptions), and Special stories “For you”.

To create your own Snapchat story, log into your Snapchat account, using the camera, you can capture a photo or make a video and edit them to your preference, Next tap on the story icon (it looks like an incomplete square with a plus sign in the gap). Tap on “Add”, select “My Story” and tap on the paper airplane to send the photo or video to your story.

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