How to Use Google Maps – Google Maps App | How to Use Google Map to Reach Destination

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How to Use Google Maps – Google Maps App → Hello everyone! You all will be learning a new thing here which is how to use Google maps. Google Maps is a web mapping service that Google developed. This Google service on February 8, 2005, was launched. The Google service in view here offers the following:

  • Satellite imagery
  • Aerial photography
  • Street maps
  • 360° panoramic views of the street (Street View)
  • Real-time traffic conditions

Route planning for traveling by foot, more also car, bicycle and air (in beta), or public transportation.

How to Use Google Maps – Google Maps App | How to Use Google Map to Reach Destination

Google maps are the most amazing and very useful tool for individuals. Being a tool, it makes it so easy and very simple for individuals to find their various ways while moving from different points to the other. It will gladden you the more as you get to note the fact that Google maps are extremely free and it will be a very great idea if you make up your mind to start finding your desired locations with this Google service.

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The idea behind this content is to teach you what you have to do in order to enable you to start using Google maps. You have a very nice and self-explanatory guide here, taking it very seriously, therefore, will make you understand how to use Google maps and always get your locations easily with it from time to time.

How to Get Started Using Google Maps

To get started using Google maps, there are certain things you have to do. See them below:

  1. You must turn on GPS
  2. Now let Google maps access your current location then and audio speaker.
  3. Now that you have taken note of that, see the steps you have to follow to aid you to use Google maps and get your desired locations easily below:
  4. Open the Google maps app.
  5. Now search for a place. You can also tap it on the map.
  6. Just on the bottom left, tap ‘’Directions’’ then. You will start navigation and skip steps 4 – 6 if you touch and hold the button instead. You can also add the destination.
  7. Next is to add your destination though it is optional. Go to the top right and furthermore tap More and Add stop then.
  8. You can always add even up to 9 stops and when you are through with that, tap Done.
  9. At this point. Choose from the following: Driving, Transit, Walking, Ride Services, Cycling.
  10. Other routes will show in gray on the map if they are available. Now to follow an alternate route then, just tap the grayline.
  11. Tap start to start navigation then.
  12. Go to the bottom left and tap close to cancel or stop the navigation.

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Using the Google map, you can access the hear voice direction even. This is to enable you to hear voice direction when you navigate to a place.

Google Maps is readily available on both mobile devices and computers. If you wish to access Google maps using a computer just go to More also for your phone, download the app form your device’s app store. This means that you will get the Google Maps app from Play Store for Android devices and for iOS devices, app stores.

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