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HOW YOU CAN UNBLOCK URL ON FACEBOOK – In here we shall be discussing on what can cause facebook spam your URL, How to fix blocked URL on Facebook in other to bounce back a very high increase of traffic.Why Is Important to Unblock Your website URL on Facebook?

It very important for one to unblock his or her website url on facebook  because with facebook one can reach out over 10 million facebook users in sharing of contents, thoughts, files and products in the social media. With these you can see the need of you having your url ruining on facebook because it will bring increase to your traffic.

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Why Facebook Become Strict?

Facebook becomes strict in order to prevent spam and flirt in the Facebook.  As the competition increased,  they made strong terms and conditions to keep the users secure. If they track your website as a spam, then they will block your URL.

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What Can Cause My URL Blocked On Facebook?

We are very aware that so many of our fans may be asking this question, what can cause ones url blocked on facebook. Lets tell you here things that can lead to url block on facebook.

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If you don’t know before now, you can get your URL blocked on Facebook if you violate Facebook Policy which prohibits spamming, although you may not see it as spam but Facebook Artificial Intelligence is programmed for this specific task which is to block repetitive posting of same URL on Facebook within a short period of time.

Having shown to you here things that can lead to ones url block or spam on facebook, let me quickly now start guiding you on the very steps on how to unblock your website url on facebook.

How to Unblock URL On Facebook

Simply follow these following steps to send a review to the Facebook Team.
Step 1: Open Facebook Contact form, you will find it here:  Contact Form
The Form looks like this.
Step 2: Write an application about the issue mentioning your URL and click on Submit.
 Here is a sample of an application.
Dear Facebook Team,
I am glad to hear that Facebook takes action against the spam. I am using facebook for many years, but I didnt abuse it. Now my url is blocked in facebook which creates a great problem for me. My url is about news and entertainment and all contents are original. This is not a spam So please review my website and unblock my url.
[My URL: www.mysite.com]
Thank You!
If nothing goes wrong with your website, then the Facebook team will unlock your URL after reviewing it.
This step carries a 99% success rate and can get your Facebook link unblocked within the space of 6 to 72 hours.
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