Intel’s 11th-Generation Mobile CPUs Comes With A Serious Upgrade For Ultraportables

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Intel’s 11th-Generation Mobile CPUs – Intel is a kind some huge promises with its new Tiger Lake CPUs. The company claims you’ll see CPU speeds of up to 20% faster than the previous generation. And in some cases, its graphics performance is twice as fast, But until we get our hands on an actual Tiger Lake system, it’s hard to tell if Intel’s promises will play out in the real world.

So as we await PC makers to prepare their new notebooks, Intel sent along with the next best thing: A pre-production reference laptop equipped with the fastest Tiger Lake CPU, the quad-core i7-1185G7. It also has the company’s most powerful Xe graphics with 96 EUs (execution units), along with 32GB of RAM and a speedy 1TB NVMe SSD.
Intel’s 11th-Generation Mobile CPUs Comes With A Serious Upgrade For Ultraportables

I can bet we were all impressed by how the Tiger Lake system handled PCMark 10. It scored 5,316 points, whereas this year’s XPS 13 benched 4,005. I was also surprised that the Tiger Lake system also had a 1,000 point lead over the XPS 15, which was running a powerful six-core H-series CPU. Those processors typically wallop chips meant for slim ultraportables, let alone a quad-core model.

It’s hard not to be excited after seeing scores like these. Geekbench 5 also showed some significant gains over the XPS 13, and the Tiger Lake notebook even managed to outdo the XPS 15’s single-core result.

Yet, the Tiger Lake system couldn’t hold a candle to dedicated GPUs on that test: the XPS 15 scored 44,586 with its GTX 1650 Ti. I wouldn’t say this battle is over though, as Intel is still polishing its software for these new CPUs.

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