jQuery Review – How To Get Started with jQuery – Advantages of jQuery

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jQuery Review – How To Get Started with jQuery – Advantages of jQuery – jQuery is a JavaScript library that is fast and concise in simplifying HTML documents, Ajax interaction for web development and event handling. To change the way, we write JavaScript we use jQuery. It is an amazing JavaScript framework, mostly use in every project work. Itbus one of the fastest programming tools, very simple and website compatible. jQuery is also seen as a research programming Bootcamp that is widely used for years.

jQuery is an open-source, free and Introductory guide to important part of JavaScript. It is a highly designed book aimed at audience rather than coding knowledge. It was Developed by John resig and launched in 2006 Barcamp NYC gathering. John resig was busy looking for a way to boil down the unnecessary markup and take repetitive task blocks in JavaScript. He developed a smart, short, and understandable recipe called method. Developers would call their method to take action instead of each task block over and over.

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How To Get Started with jQuery – Getting Started with jQuery

If you are ready to learn how to use jQuery without being grounded in JavaScript will be of no value. The first step to learn jQuery is to learn JavaScript, you have to be conversant with the syntax and commands because it quite familiar with jQuery. As stated above, jQuery is a library of JavaScript commands and syntax. JavaScript and jQuery have the same basic structure, obviously, JavaScript commands, Basic function and structures are probably hard to mastering jQuery. Having strong understanding of JavaScript is necessary because all the actions of jQuery is accessed via JavaScript. Working with jQuery improve your proficiency as it helps to structure and debug codes. It can hard to cope with jQuery without the essential knowledge of JavaScript.

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jQuery Review – Advantages of jQuery

This platform makes it easy to use JavaScript. jQuery has a lot of advantages in programming, database, and adds support to website. jQuery library simplifies different types of programming operations. The advantages offered by jQuery are as follows:

  1. jQuery allows separation of HTML and scripting: web developers and web community thought that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript should be written separately, but the recent discovery shows that script can also be written into HTML documents. There must be a way to add the scripts with specific HTML documents and events but sometimes sounds complicated. Another easiest way to do this without introducing jQuery is to associate event attributes to HTML documents that use the JavaScript function.
  2. jQuery encourages developers to write shorter, simpler and clearer scripts; jQuery is a concise design framework. jQuery also serves as JavaScript in some projects work as both play the same role. jQuery code will be simpler, clearer, and shorter than the JavaScript core to improve transparency.
  3. Eliminate cross-browser inconsistency; jQuery was developed to handle cross-browser differences and eliminate cross-browser inconsistency while JavaScript is designed differently by different browsers.

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