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Jumia Mall: Online Store for Buying Original and Authentic Products

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Jumia Mall: Online Store for Buying Original and Authentic Products – Do you want to buy a reliable and trusted products online? Jumia Mall is at the best service for you. Buy 100% original and authentic products from your favourite brands on Jumia online store. No more fakes, no more knockoffs, no more counterfeit, just authentic products. Start shopping now.

With leading brands like Apple, Binatone, CocaCola, Hisense, Samsung, Nokia, H&M, LG, Intel, and Infinix all having official stores on Jumia Mall, you can shop online with confidence that what you are buying are authentic products directly from the brand.

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Shopping on Jumia comes with loads of benefits. Apart from buying original and authentic products, you also get an official warranty on any product you buy. Orders are also delivered fast with Jumia Express, plus a 15 days extended return policy.

Jumia Fights Against Counterfeit with Official Stores

Jumia is a marketplace. This means anyone can set up shop on Jumia to sell products. This includes resellers just buying products from local and international stores and reselling on Jumia.

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Policing such a marketplace is difficult and costly. With thousands of individual sellers to manage, guaranteeing the authenticity of every single product is very difficult.

This is why sometimes consumers complain about buying fake, counterfeit, or knockoffs on Jumia. To counter this Jumia is wooing brands to have official stores on Jumia.

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Products from popular and luxury brands like Samsung and Apple are prone to counterfeit with cheap knockoffs targeted at consumers.

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Products on Jumia are offered by the brands directly or their official distributors in Nigeria. The rest are offered by Jumia directly. That way, you can be confident that the products you buy on Jumia Mall are the real deal.

Note that Jumia Mall is just a section of the Jumia Online Marketplace. So, not every product sold on Jumia is from Jumia Mall.

You just now have a section on the marketplace where official stores are organized for easy access and identification. There you will see all the brand official stores and some of the best deals.

Note that this does not necessarily mean that products not labelled Jumia Mall are fake. The products with the red badge are just guaranteed to be authentic and offer warranties.

Other sellers may offer original and authentic products, you cannot just guarantee it. So, when and if you can stick with Jumia Mall products.

Brands available on Jumia

Brands with official stores on Jumia Mall include Apple, Binatone, CocaCola, Hisense, Samsung, Nokia, H&M, Xiaomi, LG, Intel, Infinix, Daniel Wellington, David Wej, Unilever, Bruhm, and Haier Thermocool.

Others are Flori Roberts, JBL, Rotary Watches, Casio, Cubot, Huawei, Honeywell, Lontor, Oukitel, TCL, Zaron, ZR, and more. See the full list.

So, shop on Jumia Mall: Online Store for Buying Original and Authentic Products and backed by official warranty.


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