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Laravel Overview – Laravel Framework Overview – How to Download and Install Laravel

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Laravel Overview – Laravel Framework Overview – How to Download and Install Laravel – For the past two years, developers have used dife framework for different programming languages. Such frameworks are: Ruby on rails, symphony, yii2, zend, etc. There is one unique framework that most developers make use of, which is the laravel web development. Laravel is at the top list of all the framework and it is always in the middle of any professional developer. Companies now employ a laravel developer for big project works because it is now the wish for every developer.

However, Laravel is also said to be a very powerful PHP framework. This framework is simple, flexible and committed to elegance. Programming is not stressful, but rather easy to learn and can be enjoyed when using the right tools. Laravel is of those tools used by a PHP programmer, and even a beginner. As a PHP developer, you should be using laravel. It is used to create both Small and large-scale solution is to n business. Laravel is best recommended for developing standalone data API system, a very great framework for creating a website and has an effective data model service.

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How to Download and Install Laravel Free Guideline

To download and I stall laravel one should follow the steps below:

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  1. In other to open a xamp download page, Open your web browser and type in https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html
  2. On the web page, scroll down to โ€œ7.2.8/ php 7.2.8 heading. This is positioned at right side of the web page.
  3. Click the download button for 32bit or 64bit. The blue button below it.
  4. Double click on the download set-up file to open camp file.
  5. Click โ€œyesโ€ for the pup of notification.
  6. Click the xamp menus by navigating through the xamp process.click three times and uncheck โ€œlearn more about bitnami for xampโ€
  7. Click yes when prompted and click save.

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Laravel PHP framework Features

Meanwhile, Laravel allows professional developers to create an API without additional time and rest assortment. Most developers maintain good quality of work by combining different creative without any additional time. With the latest updates and features, laravel is getting powerful on a daily basis.

  1. Tool Integration: sometimes too many features and functionalities do affect the efficiency of the website. One of the crucial things to consider when issues arise are to bring in the speedy experience of the web app. By so doing, developers use laravel to improve the web application performance using the popular cache back-ends.
  2. Blade templating engine: A PHP file extension that allows laravel developers to apply change and customize their layout without bother. Most amazing thing about laravel is that with the use of templating engine Novices are able to creat a front-end of any web application project.
  3. High security migration system: cyber-attack is the greatest problem any developer can face. This happened Due to a security vulnerability that goes. hand-in- hand within the web application framework. Laravel handles such cyber or injection attack by using its own predifined SQL.
  4. Monolog logging library: laravel offers support for different powerful log handlers and it is recommended as the best log handler because itโ€™s documentation.
  5. URL routing configuration: laravel framework offers an effective and flexible managing route on a website or web application. This help to prevent any error page blank page.

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Laravel cannot be justified with a particular feature as it has numerous features committed to elegance, simplicity, and integration. With active users and robust community, developers find this framework very interesting as its code is extremely readable and inspiring.

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