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Latest WhatsApp app – Latest WhatsApp update – WhatsApp update download

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Latest WhatsApp app – Latest WhatsApp update – WhatsApp update download – The fact that everyone loves using WhatsApp and it is the number one social Media platform for instant messaging available today. Makes WhatsApp excellent and fun to use. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is still doing marvelously well at the top spot of the instant messaging platform today and it’s not letting go anytime soon. And in the same vein, this post on the latest WhatsApp app is coming to you today. This post contains lots of things. It contains things like the latest WhatsApp update, how to download the latest update for iOS, Android and computers. Amongst other interesting things on this post today. So therefore if you are looking for the update or the latest WhatsApp update this post is for you.

Latest WhatsApp app

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Like I mentioned above that WhatsApp is the number 1 instant messaging platform present today. It is a fact that you should know that WhatsApp is doing very well. And so to remain at the top spot there has to be regular updates of different features on this great platform. I can promise you this if WhatsApp does not regularly update their application with various new features. Which are necessary to remain at the top spot, they will soon lose their relevance and their popularity. Just like BlackBerry messenger, 2Go and other top social media instant messaging application before WhatsApp came. Therefore it is important and necessary that WhatsApp always provides constant updates. And that is what we talking about on today’ post.

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How to download WhatsApp update

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Under this section or heading, we will talk about how to download the latest WhatsApp update for Android devices, iOS devices, and finally computer. Therefore all you have to do is to follow me closely as I take you through the journey and the process of doing so. And we will start with downloading the WhatsApp latest app for Android devices.

Download latest WhatsApp app for Android

If you’re a user of the generously popular Android devices. And you do not have WhatsApp installed on your device, or you want the latest version. Carry out the following procedure.

  • Launch your play store.
  • Now type and search for ‘WhatsApp messenger.’
  • The first result should be the WhatsApp messenger application, tap on it to reveal the install button.
  • Tap on Install and Accept.
  • And you’re done. The app will start downloading on your device, off wish once downloaded you can go through the
  • process of setting it up which would be talked about after the downloading process on this post.

Download latest WhatsApp app for iOS

I want to let you know that the process of downloading the latest WhatsApp application for Android and iOS are pretty similar. As they both get to do with their various app stores.

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  • Open your app store.
  • No type and search for ‘WhatsApp messenger.’
  • Tap on the first results which should be the WhatsApp messenger.
  • Tap on Get after that tap on Install.

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Download WhatsApp latest app for Mac and Windows computers

It is the same site you use in downloading both the Mac and Windows WhatsApp application. The site is the official WhatsApp website. Downloading WhatsApp for computer is not as difficult as you may think it is. It is quite very easy to do, you will see that as the process is listed below.

  • Open the WhatsApp website by tapping on this link https://www.whatsapp.com/
  • Now tap on Download at the top right corner of the screen.
  • By the bottom right section of the screen tap on DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS (64 – BIT).
  • Or for mac os click on Download for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.

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How to set up a WhatsApp account

setting up a WhatsApp account means creating a WhatsApp account, or sign up o WhatsApp. to do that follow the instructions below.

  • Open the WhatsApp application you downloaded.
  • Now tap on Agree and Continue.
  • Tap on Continue again.
  • Tap on Alow on the next boxes.
  • Type your phone number and tap on OK.
  • Now type in your verification code and Tap Next.


Updating your WhatsApp app has its own advantages. Which are to get your latest version, latest update and also latest features that have been added to the application. However, if you do not update your WhatsApp for a long period of time it will finally go obsolete and expire. And you must have to get an updated version in order to continue using WhatsApp. which becomes an easy thing to do now that you have come across this post today. so update your WhatsApp application today to stay connected.

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