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Learn How to create a Christmas avatar on Facebook

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In this page we are going to walk you through on how to Christmas avatar on Facebook with ease. Mixing the atmosphere to welcome Christmas around the world, we can create avatar Facebook Christmas with the colorful frames of the festive season available on Facebook.

However, Facebook on the computer provides users with more avatar features with different themes, major holidays of the year, or anniversaries. Users just need to enter keywords according to the theme they choose, or you can create your own avatar, effects on Facebook. After placing avatar Facebook with Christmas frames, users can set the time to use this avatar.

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After running out of time to set up Facebook avatar, the previous avatar will automatically be used for your Facebook account. If we cannot use Facebook avatar video as on Android, iOS, you can also use the theme frame of the Facebook profile image available to refresh your account. In the following article, we will show you how to create a Facebook Christmas avatar

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How to set a Christmas photo on Facebook

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Step 1: After logging in to your personal Facebook account on your computer, we hover your mouse on the current avatar and select Update avatars .

Step 2: Next in interface Update your avatar, click on the Add frame item.

Step 3: In this list, enter the Christmas topic related keywords in the search bar. Facebook will automatically filter the frame according to the theme you selected. Select the frame you want to use and see how it is applied to Facebook right next to you.

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Can enter Christmas keywords. Or you can enter the keyword Merry Christmas as shown.

Step 4: Users can adjust their avatar with selected Christmas frames, so that they have a balanced layout. You customize the horizontal bar to zoom in, or zoom out below.

Step 5: After choosing the satisfied Christmas frame, adjusting the standard frame with the current Facebook avatar, you will proceed to set the time to use this Facebook profile picture.

At the option Back to the previous avatar , click on the timeline to select the time. Facebook will give you a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 1 week, can choose Never to use this avatar does not set the time to change.

In case you want to choose another time, press Custom .

Select a specific time, date and time to revert to the previous avatar, then press Set to apply the time.

Step 6: Finally, when all settings are completed for Christmas avatars on Facebook, we press the Use button as the avatar . The avatar image will be immediately changed to the new image, along with the time to switch back to the old avatar image if the user has previously set it.

Picture 8 of How to create a Christmas avatar on Facebook

Another way we can refresh the atmosphere on Facebook, with a representative of Christmas themes. These frames are designed with the main colors of red, white or yellow, to help you get a Noel-rich Facebook avatar. In addition, if you want to, you can also design Facebook Christmas frames or any theme you want.

Much fun?


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