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Letter Writing – Sample Of How to Write a Good formal Letter

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Letter Writing: In this article we are going to tutor you the basic guidelines on how to write a formal letter using direct or official letter head with ease. I case you are desired to writer a formal letter to any public figure or to School, simply use the format given below to draft or writer your own letter.

In terms of Letter writing a lot of people find it very hard to draft or a good letter due to low quality of education in some corrupt countries. So with help of this post written below you can easily put down a quality good formal letter to an public office.

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Institute Of Chattered Secretary
Plot101 Locost Estate, Olocoro Local Government Area
Abia State

Our Ref —–                                                                                                                                                                         Your Ref—-

12th December, 2018

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The Executive Chairman

Olocoro Local Government Area

Abia State


Report, Assessment, And Recommendation On The Fire Outbreak In Locost Estate Local Government Area

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Sequel to your instruction to carry out investigation, assessment, and recommendations on the causes of the fire disaster at Locost Estate, Olocoro Local Government Area on the 12th December, 2018, I being the secretary of the fact-finding committee set up by the executive chairman have come up with the followings:

Firstly, the fire incident was triggered off due to the use of sub-standard electrical materials and gadgets such as cables, box bar, switches, meter etc. Another causative factor that contributed to the break out the fire is the failure of some staff and workers within the Estate to switch off all electrical appliances and fittings before closing for the day.

Consequently, there was wanton destruction of lives and properties. Most of the sections of the building were burnt beyond repair and the inferno also consumed many machines, furniture, gadgets, working tools, cars, and others. The estimate and market value of the things damaged by the fire can be valued at 20 million naira. However, the price of the commodities may vary depending on inflation rate and tax.

Therefore, I recommend that the contractor that handled the construction of the building should be arrested by the police and prosecuted accordingly for criminal breach of trust and fraudulent conversion. Also, the workers and staff responsible for not putting off their appliances and gadgets should be charged for arson. In addition to the above-mentioned reliefs, damages should be paid by all guilty parties and fire extinguisher should be installed in all public places in the local government.

I am very glad for the confidence and trust reposed in me by the chairman to conduct this detailed inquiry.

Yours’ faithfully

sign here


Your Name

Secretary of the committee

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Letter Writing – Hope this Sample Of How to Write a Good formal Letter is very helpful?  Use the comment box below for your contribution and question.


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